Sunday, April 21, 2013

Operation Midnight by Justine Davis

Cutter's Code book 1

I had read Operation blind Date which is a Cutter's Code book 3 I believe. I enjoyed it and wanted to read more of the Cutter code series so I bought the first book of the series. I was not disappointed in it and still would love to read more. I know that their is at least one other out their that I can read right away.

The suspense of who or what Quinn is for me not their because I read book 3 first. I like the plot. The characters. I really like Cutter he is a dog. A very smart dog.

Cutter chased into the woods and Hayley chased after him. He had been uneasy since a helicopter flew over her home awhile ago. Hayley and Cutter were now on her neighbor's property and she sees the helicopter with no markings on it. She has only seen her neighbor twice before. She see's him being guided out of his house into the chopper by a guy wearing a gun. Then a third man comes out and Cutter runs up to him like a lost friend.

Quinn takes out his gun and Hayley runs out to save her dog. Cutter won't come to her and she tries to leave and hopes he comes with her. Quinn picks up Hayley and sticks her into the helicopter and than picks up her dog too. Then gets in and the helicopter lifts up.

Quinn makes it clear that if she won't behave the dog will go out of the chopper. They fly for hours than refuel and take off for more hours. Hayley has no idea where they are or why. They finally stop at a run down cabin all by itself. Their are four guards and her neighbor. She is not allowed to talk to her neighbor. More threats against Cutter for her to behave.

Cutter gets to go out for patrols and gains the men's respect. He warns Rafe about a rattlesnake he almost steps on. He also finds old paw prints of a big animal. No one can sneak up on them with Cutter around.

Lots of action, drama pretty clean read. Their is one love scene but not graphic. So now I have read two of this series it will be one I will look forward to reading again.
Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense (March 1, 2012) 217 pages ISBN: 0373277652

Description below taken off of Amazon.

Being spirited away—with her dog, Cutter—by armed men in a black helicopter is the last thing Hayley Cole ever expects. And why is her usually savvy dog so friendly toward their lean, dark-haired leader? She's determined to escape. Unfortunately, Quinn with his intense, searching gaze is always three steps ahead—and much, much too close….

For Quinn Foxworth, control equals safety. Taking Hayley is the only way his undercover witness-protection team can protect her and their client. But convincing her he's one of the good guys is easier than guarding himself from her innocent courage. And with danger closing in, can he risk letting Hayley into his heart for good?

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