Friday, April 12, 2013

Cropped to Death (A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery #1) by Christina Freeburn


Reading Cropped to Death might make you want to get the scrapbooks out. I enjoyed reading about Faith Hunter trying to help her friend. This is a mystery that keeps you guessing right till the ending. It is also a clean read.

The plot idea is simple. Marilyn found her husband had been cheating on her and got the other woman pregnant. She started to crop his picture out of all the family photos. She was also threatening him. He is murdered and police think she did. Marilyn was arrested and asked Faith to prove her innocence.

Faith only worked in the office of Jag. Typing in the office. Faith was arrested once for something her husband did. She has kept her past a secret, even her grandmothers.

Detective Ted Roget warns her to stay out of his case. He really is about ready to arrest her a few times. He keeps telling her time after a time.

Faith grandmother's keep throwing neighbor and prosecuting attorney Steve at her. They like him for her. Steve keeps telling her to let the police do their job.

Faith believes Marilyn is innocent and she wants to help her. The scrapbook shop is hurting for business too.

I would like to see another Faith Hunter Scrap this Mystery novel. It was fun, suspenseful and lots of scrapbooking talking on top of the mystery. Plus I want to see what happens next in Faith's life.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.

11/20/2013 PUB. Henery Press 290 pages ISBN; 1938383060

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

Former US Army JAG specialist, Faith Hunter, returns to her West Virginia home to work in her grandmothers' scrapbooking store determined to lead an unassuming life after her adventure abroad turned disaster. But her quiet life unravels when her friend is charged with murder – and Faith inadvertently supplied the evidence.

So Faith decides to cut through the scrap and piece together what really happened. With a sexy prosecutor, a determined homicide detective, a handful of sticky suspects and a crop contest gone bad, Faith quickly realizes if she’s not careful, she’ll be the next one cropped.

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