Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wind Chime Point by Sherryl Woods

4 stars

Wind Chime Point (Ocean Breeze)book 2

Wind Chime Point is so beautiful in so many ways. The scenery sounds so lovely that it makes me want to go to the beach and watch the waves. The people or cast of characters are so warm and welcoming on the most part. Gabi's family is behind her and some are pushing her one way or the other out of love.

Gabriella has always known what she wants and plans it down to a degree. She has had a strong desire to succeed and make her father proud of her. Now her life is in a mess. She realized she is pregnant, told the father and he wants no part of it,told her boss and got fired. Now she is telling her family. She has come to her Grandmother and Sand Castle Bay where she and her sisters spent every summer growing up.

Wade Johnson works with wood. Gabi's grandmother has tried to get them together. Wade realizes it and is attracted to Gabi even though he knows she has a boyfriend. Wade did some work at her cafe after the hurricane did some damage. He comes in daily for pie and a little news of Gabi. When Gabi come into the cafe to see her grandmother and surprised to see Wade. He sees she is pregnant and gets her to sit and talk to him. When he hears that the father is not in the picture, he gets Gabi to agree to go out with him to dinner & a movie as friends.

Gabi is having a hard time making up her mind what to do next. Should she give the baby up for adoption? Get in a new field of work? Ask her father for a job? She lets Wade keep distracting her from making new plans.
Gabi gets the idea that she wants to learn how to make wind chimes.

Emily her sister keeps flying into town to make wedding decisions with her family. She is happy and her fiancée is opening up a new restaurant on the west coast to be with her for now.

Samantha is wondering if she should give up being a actress. She is at a age where it is harder to get good roles. Her Grandmother is finding a guy for her too.

It is a good family to have around when things are out of control. This is a good clean read. The road of discovery that Gabi goes through as she tries to figure what to do with her future. Wade in being a sounding board and letting Gabi find her way but still let her know that he wants to be part of her future is good to see.

I can't wait to see what happens in the third book of this series. I really like Sherryl woods books.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review by Netgalley.

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (April 30, 2013) 400 pages ISBN-10: 0778314421

Description below taken off of Netgalley.com

Facing a personal crisis, ambitious and driven Gabriella Castle retreats to the welcoming arms of her family. Everything she's worked for has been yanked out from under her, and she seeks the serenity of her grandmother's home on the North Carolina coast. With difficult decisions to make about her future, the last thing she wants is an unexpected love.�

Wade Johnson fell for Gabi the first time he saw her. It's not the only time he's found himself in the role of knight in shining armor, but Gabi isn't looking for a rescuer. To get her to stay, Wade will need a whole lot of patience and gentle persuasion...and maybe the soothing sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.

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