Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broken Shell Island , The Witches of West Shore by Dalya Moon


Broken Shell Island draws you right into the story and made me care about Opal right away. Some parts of the story I could see get a 5 stars and other part 3.
Opal is at a birthday party with her grandfather and his senior friends. She has been hopeful that she will get a bike. She even printed off a picture of the one she wants and a map to the store.
Instead she gets a box with a old suitcase in it. Her grandfather says she is going to Broken Shell Island that his friend wrote books about the place. Everyone is excited that she is going she does not want to leave her grandfather. Who has raised her.
He tells her that she needs to pack because she is going right away and she will be living with his sister. That he is dying. After fighting and arguing that she does not want to leave him. He drives her three hours away and puts her in a boat with a big stranger.
Opal is getting close the captain throws her suitcase in the ocean and then throws her in. He yells to her to old onto the suitcase and she will make it. Opal can not believe that she got thrown into the ocean. When she found the suitcase it was warm and moved her. She let go of it and she got cold and the suitcase stayed in place.
After Opal lands on a beach with broken shells and she is all alone. She tries to remember the stories she had read so long ago about a magical island.
Opal is a real likeable character and she does not give up easily. She cares about her new friends.
The plot has a lot of action that is happening on the island around Opal as she is thrown into different situations that are going on. The island does not have cell phones,internet,cars but does have different animals,weird plants , witches and magic.
Most of the plot makes sense some of it was pretty far out thier.
It kept my attention on what was happening and I wanted to know more about the island.
This is a stand alone book but he does plan on going back to the island in more stories. I would like to come back and read more about Broken Shell Island in the future.
This would be a good book for any age. No sex scenes or foul language. It does have witches, mini goats that might talk, trolls, Giant Owls, and lots of adventure as Opal learns about the island and find out who was murdered and why she is a suspect.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
08/06/2012 PUB. 252 pages

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