Monday, August 6, 2012

The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber

5 STARS Thier were a couple of chapters in this book that I cried all the way through. I know its just a book but boy was I moved to tears. The only warning I have for this book is keep the tissues close by. This is a new series set in a familar world of Cedar Cove. The stories will be about owmer of a bed and breakfast called Rose Harbor Inn,its owner Jo Marie Rose and her guests. Jo Marie Rose's husband Paul Rose died 8 months ago in Afghanistan Mountain in a helicopter crash. He had a big life insurance policy that she used to buy the bed and breakfast with. She feels like her husband is guiding her and those around her. Joshua Weaver is her first guest at the bed & breakfast. He has not been home since his stepbrother Dylan had died. His stepfather hated him and kicked him out a few weeks before he would graduate. His stepfather's neighbor Michelle Nelson was in the same grade as Dylan and had a big crush on Dylan. Michelle called and told him that Richard Lambert was dying and he needed to come home before he dies. Joshua hates his stepfather back but he is between construction jobs so he comes he wants somethings that his mother had and his letter jacket, & senior yearbook that he paid for. When he got to Richard's house and told his stepfather he said he did not have the stuff and to get out. Joshua thought he had got over the anger that Richard always brought up. But he learned that Richard still bushed his buttons. Richard wants to did in his own house. He just wants to be left alone. He is all alone and bitter, Michelle is the only one who gets along with him still. The second guest at the Inn is Abby Kincaid she has not been back since she was in a accident the summer she graduated which she was driving and her best friend Angela was killed. She got out of the hospital in a wheel chair to go to the funeral and was kicked out. Everytime she tried to say she was sorry they yelled. People all wondered about the accident. When she was healed she moved away and soon after her parents moved too. Abby has not gotton together much with anyone after that. Including the guy she was just starting to date at the time. A good friend of her brothers. Abby had made the wrong date so she was in town a day early but she did not let anyone know and she chose to stay at a different place than the rest of her family. when she walks down to drug store for toothpaste the person maning the desk was an old friend that welcomed her and wanted to gather a group of friends and have lunch before she was to fly out. Abby was surprised by the warm greating. She went to the cemetary for the first time to visit Angela's grave. She ended up in a conversation with her ghost or was it just her mind. Was told off than told to go to her parents and make peace for her sake not Angela's parents. This book has lots of dealing with death and getting past it. They each have different situations and concerns. Lots of emotions involved in these characters. You want to have everything workout for them and you can see how they are all beginning to heal in thier way. I will read more in the future from Debbie Macomber books. I just hope I don't shed as many tears in her next book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/14/2012 Pub Random House Publishing Group

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