Friday, August 17, 2012

The Doctor Defender by Terri Reed

4 STARS It is a Protection Specialists series. I enjoyed it, but would have liked a little more information about the bad guys. Thier is nothing that should offend anyone in this book. Dr. Brenda Storm was trying to find a way to say no to a date with a fellow doctor when she got a delivery of Cupcakes in a fancy box. She did not want the calories so she offered the guard who brought up the delivery and the other doctor the cupcakes. Next the guard comes back to the doctors saying help and before long was dead. The cupcakes were poisoned. The hospital hires someone to be her bodyguard Kyle Martin. Kyle Martin takes her home to pack and her condo is trashed. He takes her to her parents house which they have a gated community and a security system in place. Brenda finds out while she is thier that her father has cancer. Her father was keeping it secret from her. Thier is another attempt on her life at the hospital and so they leave so other innocents won't be hurt. She does not take her phone but somehow she is easily followed around whereever they are. Kyle has good instincts but is having a hard time finding places that the bad guys don't find. Kyle belives in God answering prayers. He learned about God from someone else in the milatary with him and tells Dr. Brenda Strom a little when he offers to pray for her father to get better. Brenda has a hardtime believing in something she can't see. As Brenda life keeps getting in danger and Kyle keeps saving her they get closer and closer. They do have one kiss. Kyle knows that it is easy for someone to get close with thier bodyguard and warns himself why it would never work. The bad guy has a lot in his favor but Kyle is tough and keeps Brenda safe. Doctor Defender is action packed novel that I was given to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley, 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Love Inspired

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