Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend

This is going to be the first of three book series. I enjoyed it. Thier is no sex, swear words but thier is praying.
Sarah Matthews is 18 and soon to start collage an hour way from home. Right now she is watching her sister while thier mom is helping take of a different family member.
Its starting to storm so Lilly comes into Sarah room power goes out and lightning loud.
Then all of a sudden they are not in her bedroom at night but day in a forest.
A girl sees them and says thats not what is supposed to happen. Then tells Sarah and Lilli they need to hide while wearing a real long dress.
They see a group of soldiers talking about finding the witch so they split up.
Sarah finds out that they are in a place about 12th century but is not in any of our history records. Karen is from Sarah time and she has been helping a professor to figure out time travel. Karen is worried about what is happening right now and the professor is in the castle.
Karen and Sarah are brave youmg ladies not afraid to get involved and try to make a difference.
I hope the next book comes out soon. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
6/22/2012 Publisher: Kirkdale Press

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