Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Matchmakers Mark by Regan Black


This book actually has two stories that are both the first book in a series.
The first story is The Matchmaker's Mark.
Lily is half elf who owns a flower shop. She has a mark on her arm that means she will have a soul mate. But so far she has not found him in either world. Because elves do not like halfings she has chosen to live Charleston, South Carolina in the human world. She does not have much magic.
Amy Campbell is a English Professor that is in Charleston to teach a class. She can't wait till she can spend time at the beach. Weird things are happening around her. That started when she gets a letter from her Aunt who travels a lot in a consulting business.
Dare is a wood-elf who has been with the matchmaker for years as part of her security force. But he has been sent to deliver a letter to Amy. He realizes his boss has disappeared. He wants to make sure Amy stays safe till she gets the book and her own security force.
Thier is a werewolf who gets marked and does not want it. He hurts Amy but Dare gets her away. The werewolf is determined to find the matchmaker again.
This was a fun novel. Thier is a couple of love scenes in the book. I would read more of this series of novel.
Justice Incarnate BY Regan Black 4 STARS
This is a darker series and this is the first book of that series.
Jaden is a security expert and she keeps being reborn. She is always raped before she is 14 and branded by the same man of power in each life who rapes many girls before she ends up killing him. Then her love who is always the law does not believe her and arrests her for murder over and over. The Judge remembers each time. So does Jaden a little bit till after her rape and then she remembers more. She wants to stop him for all time somehow.
In this time period sugar and caffine are illegal.
I was given this ebook to read in return for honest review from Netgalley.
08/01/2012 PUB Getaway Reads, LLC Imprint Paco Media Group 209 pages

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