Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahon

4 STARS Mirror Image Bride is book 2 in Texas Twins miniseries. Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry was book 1. I wanted to find out what happens next so bought this second ebook from amazon. I hope I get to read the whole series. Maddie Wallace is staying on the Colby Ranch after finding out she has a twin, her older brother has a twin and her mother is not the mother she knew but in the hospital in a comma. Her father is not answering his phone or emails. Her older brother that she grew up with is working deep undercover work. Her younger brother is in the milatary deployed overseas. Her world that she knew has changed so much. She was even engaged for a short while to her older brothers best friend, who is now engaged to her twin sister. Which is great because it was more friend relationship than love and she broke it off right away. Ty Garland is forman at the Colby Ranch and his life has changed in a major way. All of a sudden he is the father of a 8 year old daughter named Darcy that he did not know he had till his ex-wife was killed in a accident. He needed to find a nanny fast so he can work on the ranch now that his boss is in a comma and the son is feeling guilty over his mother's comma. So Maddie became the nanny so she could get to know her new sister and older brother and visit her mom. At least till schools starts again. Thier are still so many questions about how they were all spilt up and why they got name change at least thier mom,her twin and the older brother that she never knew about. Maddie is falling in love with the ranch life, Darcy and even her father. This was a enjoyable book in the series. Thier is not any sex scenes or swear words in the book. I look forward to reading the other books in the texas twins miniseries. I also want to read more books from Barbara McMahon in the future. Publisher: Love Inspired (July 24, 2012) 224pages

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