Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

3 STARS This was a good story but had too much sex and swearwords in it for me to get lost in the story. Forever and A Day also had humor, good friends, cute kid amd dog going for it. Grace Brooks graduated and came from New York to Seattle to take a good banking job. She found that he also wanted her to put out as part of the job. So she left and ended up in Lucky Harbor. Where she met two good friends Mallory and Amy when they got trapped together in a bad snowstorm. They bond over Chocolate. Grace has a bunch of parttime jobs to make ends meet. She is also not telling her parents that she quit the banking job. So when she gets a phone call offering to take her up on dog walking she takes it eventhough it was made to her by mistake. Grace is supposed to go to the house but at the house thier is note on the door to go in and get the dog and walk him. Grace has no dog experience but she finds the dog by his barking. lets him out of his gate and the puppie runs around the house has a couple of accidents before she puts leash on him and gets him outside. The puppy goes outside finally without the leash and into the ocean and disappears. She goes after him and dives under to look for him and finally calls the owner and tells him she lost his dog. Josh Scott when he gets the phone call about his puppy being lost he says he could kiss her. Dr. Josh Scott is working in ER when he comes home and sees Grace searching in the waves for Tank. Tank comes running to him he gets Grace in his car with heater on then after she warms up a little she leaves. Josh first thing in the house steps in the mess left earlier. He does not plan to ask her back. Next day his housekeeper refuses to walk the dog so he finds out where Grace is working today from her friend Mallory. Walks into where she is the model for an art class and he offers her double for coming back and walking the dog. The class is watching carefully and half think she should take the job. Josh asks her to it now for triple the pay. The class is urging her to take the job. Grace says she will do it for the kiss he promised her yesterday so in front of the class he kisses her good. Josh is a single father of Toby who started kindergarden this week. He has been raising his sister for 5 years when they lost thier parents. Anne also was hurt and in a wheelchair from the accident. Josh likes being a ER Doctor but he is also keeping his fathers practice going still and is overbooked. Has no time for a social life. Then with no notice his babysitter quits and does not give notice so toby is left at school with nobody picking him up. So he calls Grace and asks her to babysit Toby for an hour. Once she gets thier he tells her he really needs her for all week. So Grace ends up living in small guest house and being Toby nanny till he can find someone or she finally finds a banking job. They get close really fast and get interrupted before they can get finshed being close. Thier romance is being followed by the town via Facebook pictures that someone keeps posting online. Which is funny at times. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Grand Central Publisher: Forever (July 31, 2012) file size 472 KB 385 pages

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