Sunday, August 19, 2012

Colton Destiny by Justine Davis

4 STARS This is book one of The Coltons of Eden Falls. I liked it but was not ready for the end of the story which I guess will be part of the other three books in the series. Somethings in the book seemed really familar to me somehow, but can't think of how or what to. Thier is not the swearing or sex scenes in the story nor is thier are a lot of the beliefs of the Amish besides thier plain ways and God's will. So anyone can read these books and feel good about it. Emma Colton gets a phone call from her brother about three girls being missing and they are Amish from thier hometown. Emma is a FBI Agent and this might be part of her case. Emma comes home to look into the case and see if she can help. Her brother is a policeman and looking for the girls in another way. Emma and her brothers and sister are adopted and after the last child was adopted her parents where killed on 9/11. Thier family ranch is right next to the amish community so she knows a little about thier ways. Emma is having some hardtimes dealing with somethings that happened to her in the last few years. In this book we learn a little about her family is the fact her Uncle is President of USA. Carpenter Caleb Troyer is a widower with three young girls and his sister was helping to take care of her nieces is one of the missing Amish girls. Caleb and others agree that is sister they could see leavimg the Amish ways but not this way of just disappearing especially not saying goodbys to her nieces. Also why would Hannah leave in secret for she is in the age where it is not frowned upon to explore the English ways before choosing to stay Amish or leave. Emma first notices the beautiful furniture in the store window than the handsome man she can't seem to take her eyes off. Then she meets his daughter and she realizes who she was stareing at. Caleb is not ready to start dating even though a lot of women are trying to get his attention now. But he finds himself wanting to know more about Emma because his daughters like her. But they both know that they come from different worlds and can't be together. I like the characters and was drawn into the story. I wanted to know so much more and can't wait to read more about the characters. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspense ISBN:9780373277902

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