Thursday, August 30, 2012

Haven by Kay Hooper


Haven investigator Jessie Rayburn is returning home to Baron Hollow after being gone for 15 years. She needs to find out what happened 15 years ago that made her runaway.
When she is walking in town she saw a ghost and heard her say she needed to stop the murder before he kills again.
Emma Rayburn turned her house into a bed & breakfast. She fell two years ago off a horse and since than she has nightmares of women being killed. Thier is no missing women around her town she has talked to the sheriff about them.
Nathan Navrro works for Haven too but he has never met Jessie and his talent is finding dead bodies. If thier is a serial killer in that area he could find the bodies and get proof to get the help. Thier are a lot of missing people in the state.
Bishop is back in the background and keeping secrets. Even when asked right out if he has agents in the area.
I enjoyed reading Haven and will keep reading Kay Hooper.

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