Friday, August 24, 2012

Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg


This is the second book with with Dace but I did not realize it when I read it. I like her. She has a hard life and made herself into rising above it. I can tell that
there will probably be more novels with Dace into the future. I will want to read it.
Dace is Capt of the ship Twinkle and she has a new piolet working with her Jerimon.
Dace runs into trouble all time. Everytime she thinks it can't get worse it does.
She finds out that Belliff the company that hired her and if she works for them for 7 years she will be owner of Twinkle. Dace does not know that they are using her ship to smuggle stuff all over.
Jerimon is a handsome flirt. He is in lots of trouble too. He stole a rock and it ends up being the Eggstone that is worshipped by 8 foot tall Lizard people that no one really knows anything about them. They destroyed the ship he was working on last time.
Dace and Jerimon end up with smuggled weapons and jewels on thier ship when the company she works for is busted. Her boss tries to hijack their ship so he won't get caught.
As they are flying away they are chased by Patrol and then the Sessimoniss, the lizard are chasing them too and firing on the Patrol ships too. In that battle the ship gets damaged so they go to another planet to make repairs.
Commander Grant Lowell wants orders Tayvis who works for him in Patrol to find Dace and convince her to work for him one job on her home planet for 3 months. He will protect her and get her out of the mess she is in.
Tayvis I gather really liked Dace in the first book he planned to meet her when he was done doing his time in the service in two years. He follows Dace and sees all the havoc she is making. He follows his orders but is trying to figure out a different way to get her out of trouble.
This story is non stop action we really don't see too much of the different planets and people. It is a engaging novel that I got lost into thier lives for a bit.
Jerimon is not used to women not falling for him he did manage to give Dace her second kiss. Tahvis was the first and she not sure what he wants in two years if anything.
Jerimon sister and Aunt end up joining with them to try and find the eggstone so the Sessimoniss will stop chasing them. The Aunt is a rich gypsey who tells fortunes and thinks that Dace and Jerimon will be together.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
Publisher: JournalStone (August 10, 2012) 278 pages

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