Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Rancher's Secret Wife (Cooper Creek, book 3) by Brenda Minton

4 STARS This story just makes me happy. They both are going through tough times right now. But thier best to work out the best solution for the future. This is a very clean book no swear words or sex scenes it doesn't need. Reese Cooper bumped into a women in Las Vegas who then fell apart on him. Cheyenne Jones was working two jobs a waitress and showgirl. Her husband did not really marry her. He wastes most of her paychecks on gambling. He demanded she get abortion and drove her to the clinic. Reese likes to help when he can. He told her that he would marry her and she could be on his insurance. He was leaving on a tour of duty in the middle east. Reese said that he would put her as benafactor if something happened over there he could be at least helping someone. So they got married and Reeses paid for beauty school and he went over to war. Cheyenne got visitors telling her that her husband was injured. Cheyenne want to go check on Reese and make sure he was okay. Plus she did not know what to do she had no where to go and a paycheck is all she has. Cheyenne goes to the Cooper Ranch and Reese never told anyone about thier marriage. Cheyenne got to see him and he was not welcoming her so she left. She went to gas station. got lunch and was going to eat at park but saw a barber shop for sale. It was her dream to open a hair salon so she sat on the bench dreaming until Reese's grandmother sat by her and asked what she was doing here. She told her about her dream someday. Reeses Grandmother had the keys in her purse, because it was her Uncle's barber shop. She told Cheyenne that tomorrow she would get the power and water turned on and she could open it back up. Cheyenne told her that she could not afford it right now. So Cheyenne was talked into going home with her and stay a few days and see what she can do. Reeses felt guilty and he heard how she was still in town. Reeses wants to still help her at least till the baby is born. Then he wanted to be more to her but how can he when he can't see. Reese's family wants to know what she is to him but neither will tell thier plans. His family sees the difference she is making to him and they are welcoming. Cheyenne has bad pains and she drives herself to emergency room and the doctor is working and reading the chart and sees that she is a Cooper. The doctor asks her who her husband was and said let me introduce myself. Dr. Cooper. Now Reese's brother know that they are married. So he tells his parents the truth. It is fun to see them fall in love and heal each other. How welcoming Reese's family is. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB HARLEQUIN Harlequin Love Inspired

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