Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Librarian (book two:Unhappily Ever After by Eric Hobbs

5 STARS I enjoyed the first book so much when I was let known that the second book was out and recieved it. I read it right then and did not put the book down till I was through. The first book ended and the second takes up right away. In the Lost Boy they had made some changes to The Wizard of Oz that changed the story so the The wicked witch won and took over Oz. That was not the worst of it. When Taylor and Wesley made it back into thier real world it had changed to. Instead of Taylor being straight A's she is in detention and her dad has changed with her. Wes's mother does not want him to be her friend because she is such a trouble maker. Wes is afraid because of the changes to the story were so critical it changed things in the real world. They think maybe the Librarian will know how to help them, but when they breakout of school they find he went back to try and correct what they had done. But he has not made it back and no longer as the amulet that will let him stay longer that Wes has it. So they decide it is thier fault they need to make it right. So they got back into the world of Oz to stop the wicked witch. Also Hope who works with the Librarian goes back with them. Another book that is real and having changes made to it is Peter Pan. Someone wants to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. They also talk about the difference from the wizard of Oz the movie and the things that are different from the book. I have to say I never picked up that book to read and I usually like books better than movies. The Librarian brings books to life and as we step into the books and discover a new world this is a good entertaining book. Most of the characters are old favorite ones and some new ones that will be favorite hopefully a long time. I was given this ebook by the author Eric Hobbs and asked to review it when I finshed with honest review. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Personally I don't like to wait for next books I want to know now what is going to happen. 08/05/2012 PUB 237 pages File Size: 287 KB

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