Monday, August 13, 2012

Priscilla the Great Vampire slayer by Sybil Nelson

4 STARS This Priscilla the great Vampire Slayer is funnier then the rest of the series so far. It also includes Priscilla the Great and the haunted dollar bill in it. also this is two short stories. But they are entertaining to read. Priscilla is a superhero but she is also a teenager who has problems growing up issues a little different than average teen though. Her big problem in Vampire Slayer she needs to get rid of really really gross arm pit hair. So she hires herself out to a teen who saw a Vampire in the hoods by thier town. The Haunted Dollar Bill Priscilla makes a bad decision and the guilt works plus the dollar bills are all have the same writing on them. Quick entertaining stories. If you like the other Priscilla books read this one is more sillier than other novels. I bought this from Amazon. Little Prince Publishing (August 9, 2012) 44 pages

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