Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: False Impression by laura Caldwell

< 4 STARS This is the second Izzy McNeil Mystery that I have read. Thier is a lot of swearing in it. The story is complex and riveting. I did guess who the guilty party was before the end. Had no idea about the early part. Izzy has a full life and background of supporting characters that I have seen. Izzy is a defense lawyer and she does some P.I. work too. Her boss & friend at the P.I. asked her to go work undercover at his old girlfriend Madeline Saga art gallery. Someone has forged some paintings that she has sold. They were not fakes when she bought them. Madeline does not want to go to the police with the thefts because her gallery would suffer. Izzy likes Madeline and Madeline likes teaching her about art and offering her art experiences. Izzy and Madeline go to a nightclub when Izzy can't find Madeline. She learned that Madeline had paid the tab. Izzy was walking back and forth on the sidewalk looking to make sure Madeline was not outside fallen down when A cop car pulls up and it is Police detective Vaughn. Vaughn talks to her and offers her a ride home. He lets her know the bar owner was a friend and said thier was call girl out front of his place. Izzy is clueless about that they meant her. Izzy does not let Vaughn know that she is a P.I. and working a case. Just says she was with a friend and the friend disappeared after paying the tab. Vaughn tells her to call if they cant find her tomorrow that she probably thought she had too much to drink and went home. They find out that someone is following Madeline all the time. They know what restraunts she goes to. What clubs, knows the places she has been. Thier is a piece of art that arrives with a threat to it. Also emails and on the quest book. Izzy is getting frustrated to find out the answers. I like Izzy and look forward to reading more about her world. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/21/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira 400 pages

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