Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Witch Book by Linda Nelson

I enjoyed the second book much better than the first book.
Three cousins live with thier Aunt Grecha in the jungle learning magic.
Monika is her favorite niece and is learning how to make a binding cloth
to bind an imp. It will be an important ceremony if she can do it right and
an embrassment if she cannot.
Wenda has already passed this level but chose to bind a hawk over an imp
Darmin was not taught how to make one.  She does not know why her Aunt
quit teaching her and Monika is her favorite. She watches in secret as Monika
makes her binding cloth. Then sneaks down at night and makes her own but thier is not quite enough of the silver thread. She finshes her and then trades
hers with Monika's cloth.
At the ceremony Monika fails to catch an imp and she is the last in the circlem
when a bigger imp appears. Everyone laughs at her and no one believes that
was not the cloth she had made.  In fact the next day her Aunt tells her she can no longer teach her magic at all.
Monika decides to leave her Aunt house and leaves following the jungle path.
The two books only talks a little about the humans from another world and that it is important for Monika to help Aaron.
Darmin dreams of being more powerful than Ky'debaul and wants to be his queen.
I guess the next book would have the characters from both books mix more.  Have to wait and see I guess.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from librarything.

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