Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland

This book is full of charm,family problems,romance and food.
Elizabeth Margaret had just graduated from school as valedictorian
Plans have been made for her to intern at her father's law
practice. Go to Harvard in the fall.
One graduation card is from her Aunt Tilly who lives in the
Outer Banks, North Carolina offering to have her come and
stay with her.
Elizabeth & her sister Gwyneth had no idea they even had
an Aunt or who's sister she must be.
Elizabeth really wanted to go have a break and some fun but
did not want to let her father down, so asked her parents if
she could go for a month.
Elizabeth found out she had a cousin Frederick 15 and her Aunt Tilly
was a lot more laid back than her mom and grandmother.
She was allowed to help with the cooking at the bed and breakfast.
At home she was caught helping to cook at age 10 and was not allowed
but she did when she could get away with it.
They started to call her Em the nickname that only her little sister
called her.
Thier were two boys that she liked their and was really feeling at
home and comfortable with her new relatives but still had no
idea why they had not known about her Aunt and cousin.
Em changes when she is allowed the freedom to do what she
wants to do. like cook buy her own style of clothes.
I figured out what the secret was early but thier are other things
that I did not guess correctly.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of my honest review by
05/10/2012 PUB  Penguin Publishing

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