Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon by Linda Nelson

I listened to Aaron & Keja on my kindle and admit I did get
lost a few times and had to go back and read.
Thier was a lot of different characters in this story Aaron is one
of the humans in this story.  She can hear and talk to different
animals. Keja is her dog.
Orc's are the good people. On thier world it is against the law
to kill dragons.
Elves want to kill a time dragon and harness its power so they
send it to a different world where they plan to hunt and kill'
the dragon.
Orc's follow the elves and the dragon to save the dragon.
Thier is a prophecy and both the elves and orc's think its about Aaron.
I am not sure what the prophecy was about.
Aaron and two human friends were kidnapped by the elves. Lots of animals work together to help them.
I was given this ebook and asked to read it and give honest review from Librarything.

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