Monday, May 28, 2012

Hunting Shadows by Reed, Alexia

I had guessed the killer right.  Thier was some sex scenes in it.
The goverment was testing on children trying to get super agents.  If they did not think
you could be useful they killed you.
J.C is a doctor and agent he is tired of his part of all that was going on. J.C. put explosives in his lab
to destroy it. He got some of the doctors to get the children out before.  The explosions did not go as
he planned. The four doctors who were going to get the children out were murdered  and found in JC
lab.  Also his friend that he was close to was found murdered and found down in the tunnels.
While JC was in a cell waiting to see what they were going to do with him he heard a voice in his head.
He thought he was going crazy.
Amy was raised in the center in the pysch ward she has never had freedom to go outside. She overloads
and hears so many voices and gets siezures.  She does not like like the doctors who try and do
tests on her especially Rick.
Amy had hidden all her talents. When JC was waiting his sentence Amy connected and talked to him in
his head.
JC punshiment was to have his memories erased and be a good agent without feelings.  Amy was able to go in and download his memories into her. Next she waited till they were finshed and he was back
into his old job but had no feelings or memories and Amy was able to give them back to him.
Amy was connected to the murderer and JC was working to find the killer.  He knew how powerful
Amy was and got her transfered over to his experiments than Ricks.
Amy enjoys things she has never had before JC was able to help her block the other minds around her. They got really close and Amy stayed in his rooms instead of her old prison room.
It was hard for me to care about these characters to much.  I hated the fact that they have been doing
experiments on children and those that grew up being experiments helped keep the children locked up.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
05/07/2012 PUB  Carina Press

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