Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review:Not Just Friends by Kate Hoffman

It has adult content being a blaze book. I enjoyed Not Just Friends.
The characters are all good friends from thier youth all having gone to camp for years and then being camp counselers for years.
Julia McKee first went to camp Winnehawkee when she was 10 years old.
Julia kept a journal and during the story it reads some of her entries about camp and her crush on Adam.
Since her first year of camp she became good friends with Kate Carmichael and Frannie Dillon. They have always kept in contact. They spent many of summers together at camp.
Kate married another counselor Mason Gray. They have just bought Camp Winnehawkee it has been closed for years and the owners only sold it on condition that they reopen the camp and not sell to developers.
Kate and Mason sunk all their money into it. But it needed more capital to fix it up and to open it. They plan to offer it to inner city kids and not to just rich kids.
They called their fellow camp friends and asked them to come up and help them get it ready to open. Julie came to help and after spending 12 years at camp had lots of memories. Julie had a crush on Adam for years and wrote about it every summer hoping that he would like her and had hidden the journal every summer under a loose board under a bunk.  Julia had left it thier.
Julie owns her own bakery in Chicago. Mason is a high school history teacher. Kate is a social worker.Frannie and Ben Cassidy both live in Minneapolis and have come to help to. Derek and Steven are a couple now and own a construction fir in Green Bay. Adam Sutherland lives in Chicago and works for his fathers venture capital company. They have all come to help fix up the camp so it can open.
The bank who loaned them the money to buy the camp won't give them a loan to fix it up. A lot of people want Mason & Kate fail so they can buy the property and develop it.
Adam and Julia meet up when Adam gets to camp at 3:00 am and thinks that cabin is where he is supposed to sleep and crawls in the counslers bed and scares Julia who is already thier.
Adam has liked Julia for years but thought she hated him. She would not even talk to him for years unless she had to and was the one girl he could not charm. Adam had a lot of first experiences at the camp through the years.
Adam and Julia are even more attracted and acted on it and tried to not let anyone thier know that they were hooking up a lot.
Its a fun story with lots of flashbacks at life at camp through the years along with them all working on the camp. Lots of things are found at the camp that brings memories back. Even Julia journal was found but no one knows its her she uses just first letters for everyone especially Adam and does not tell her name in it. The group reads parts of the journal out loud not knowing for awhile that Julia wrote it about Adam.
I enjoy Kate Hoffmans books. Could have done without the sex scenes though.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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