Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Edge of Passion ( Cloak Warriors) by Tina Folsom

I liked the storyline, the characters,plot and would like to read more about the cloak warriors. But it had too much sex talk and scenes that I skipped over.
The Cloak Warriors protect the humans from demons.  If the demons gain more power by getting controll of more human souls they can rise and cost the world more trouble. The Warriors can be invisible when they want and cloak other people so the demons can't find them. They can even walk through walls.
Aiden is a Cloak Warrior and he just had to kill one of the humans he was sent to protect but the demons had her in their controll and she killed a little boy when she was trying to kill Aiden.
Dr. Leila Cruickshank is working on a cure of Alzheimer's Disease and the clinical trials are promising.  She wants to finsh it fast because both of her parents suffer from the Disease. She is in charge of a lab and other researchers and keeps the majority of information top secret.
The demons have found out that her drug is letting them take over human minds easier and faster. They want the drug and want it to work faster.
Council members are judge, jury and excutioner for the cloak warriors and what they vote on is final and secret. They have found out about the drug and how badly the demons want control of it. Some want to protect her others want to kill her and protect them all. They vote to protect her and Aiden is the one with the responsibilty of keeping her safe.
The story deals with the greater good over one person, loyalty,power,greed and who to trust. Has lots of fights, Too much sex and some swearing.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
03/7/2012 PUB Tina Folsom

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