Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review:The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

I believe this is the second book in this series but the first one I have read. I enjoyed reading it and had a
hard time puting it down till I finshed it.  I hope some day to go and read The girl in the Steel Corset.
Thier was some things the book hinted at that I would like to know more about. But I feel the book stands alone alright.
I had to look up what was Steampunk. I found it takes in the era of steam engines and blends in some
modern stuff and combines it.
Griffen King is the Duke of Greythorne and is rich but also an orphan. He has gathered a bunch of friends that have extra powers together to make a difference.  Right now they have come from London to New York riding in his private airship. His friend Jasper was brought back over to face charge of
With him is Finley Jayne she is very strong, can fight and heals fast. Finley now works for him.
She likes him a lot. Griffen likes her too but they are afraid to really show each other how much they like the other.
Sam is strong and part machine.  I gather he was hurt badly but Emily fixed him with machine parts in the first book.
Emily can control machines and talk to them.  She is really smart.
Jasper is a cowboy who met the others in England.  He is accused of murder in San Francisco.
Jasper is really fast and excellent shot with his pistels.
They are a bunch of talented teens working together.  When they get to the jail to help Jasper they
find out that it was not police who came over to England after him but crooks.
Dalton is in charge of the gang and wants the machine Jasper had stolen from  him.  He has captured
Jasper's old girl friend Mei and as a collar around her neck and if she leaves or does somthing he does not like he can make the collar tighten and can kill her. Jasper does not know what the machine does but he took it apart and hid it around New York.
Finley goes undercover and gets Dalton to hire her to work for him to see whats going on with Jasper.
Science was fun and different. Lots of action and drama. I would love to read more about these teens
and see whats happens to them next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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