Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review:The Valley of Shadows by Mark Terry

This was a good thriller book. A little too much swearing is
the one thing I could have changed.
Intell from a raid on a terrorist cell where they came across a
computer that the bomb did not go off said they were
planning attack on voting day in 5 US cities.
A group of agents from FBI, Homeland security and
office of the Director of National Intelligence counterterrorism
will go to each of the 5 cities to try and stop it.
Derek Stillwater is not known as a team player.  He is
assigned to LA. Derek has quite a rep. for getting things
done. people around him dying and breaking rules.
Derek gets into trouble from everyone it seems and
thats on the good guys side. He is very smart and
does not take everything at face value.
This is the first Derek Stillwater book that I have
read and I have enjoyed it. I would love to go and
read the earlier  books.
I have messed up and not sure where I got this
ebook from.  I know that I did not buy it and the
file I put it under says Librarything but don't show
getting it from thier or Netgalley.  I do get emails
straight from Oceanview saying some books are
free at amazon right now. I did get it free and not
paid anything for my honest review.
06/07/2011 Oceanview Publishing   308 pages

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