Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Consuls of the Vicariate: A Mages of Bloodmyr Novel: Book #2 by Brian Kittrell

The Consuls of the Vicariate is the second book in the Mages of Bloodmyr. I have read them back to back, so I hope I don't confuse the two at all.  Both books are very good and make me want to keep reading to the end.
Laedron, Marac and Brice are now in the Heraldans stronghold.  They are at
the Shimmering Dawn hideout with their new friends & alies Jurgen, Piers,Caleb andValyrie.
They want to stop war that Tristan IV started but the people of the Heraldan church think its the Sorbians who started the war.  Jurgen was almost the new leader of the Heraldan Church before Tristan came and got in favor.  Jurgen is targeted for murder, but he plans to go into the Church Chamber and to work against the Grand Vicar Tristan.
Laedron and Marac plan to join the militia so they can be around if Jurgen
needs help.  Jurgen is going to right a letter to the militia captain who will take them on from his say so.
Tristan tries to get the Chamber to vote him into more powerful leader but with Jurgen their to speak out against it he does not get the vote to give him
more power.
This second book is better than the first but both are worth reading and I look forward to learning what happens to them next.  Thier is lots of drama and action as they try to stop the war and show the truth that Tristan is hiding from the people. Laedron learns more about using his magic but he
has a lot more questions about the magic he wants to find out.
I was given this ebook from Librarything in exchange for honest review.  I love to find new authors that I have not read before especially the good ones like Brian Kittrell look forward to reading more of his work in the future.
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