Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Do you believe in Magic by Susan Squires

I recieved an email telling about a new series about Merlin's children and thought it looked good.  So I bought it and read it yesterday.
It was good but thier is a lot of sex scenes and violence in it.
Maggie O'Brian is a woman bull rider also gentles horses.  She lives on a rundown ranch with her father a mean drunk and sick with it. Her mother
left her with her father when she was 8. Her first love left her and even her dog left.
Maggie is going to wild horse auctions and take 8 horses and half go to CA to
a ranch who teach disabled children to ride horses.
Tristram Tremaine comes from a big rich family and he is second oldest and does not   feel like he fits in at all. His dad is a very powerful and successful man and does not relate to him and judges him.
Tristram left his home and has been on the road for about a year. when he
meets Maggie and decides to follow her to horse auction on his motorcycle.
He sees her gentle the horses fast but she gives him cold shoulder even
when she is attracted to him.  He knows she is coming back to give the other trailer full of horses so he decides to wait for her. She is late so he gives up and heads to her hometown where he met her earlier in the day.
He has not cared about anything in a year and can't get her off his mind.
Maggie on the way back sees a semi behind her and move to pass her but
all of a sudden she can't see the semi. She does hear it and see a motorcyc le in other lane and knows she is going to see a bad wreck.
after she hears the wreck and sees things fly in front of her she see's the semi just going down the road.
Maggie is an hour away from ambulance and it would be another couple of hours to hospital so when she sees Tristram is alive and can walk a little they get him in truck.
Thier is a group of people trying to kill Tristram's whole family before they
come into thier powers when they fall in love with someone else with the geneHe does not believe he has powers..
I look forward to reading more of this series in the future.

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