Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Circle of Sorcerers by Brian Kittrell

 The Circle of Sorcerers is the first book of A Mage of Bloomyr
Novel. The second book is now out and I plan to read it next.
I enjoyed reading it and had a hard time not finshing it last night.
Laedron is 16 year old mage, who is from a small village. Laedron
is planning to go to get more training to be a mage.
Laedron's Mother is a mage and his sister Laren is practicing so she to can go to mage school.
Marac is his best friend, 15 and broke up with his sister who wanted to
get married but the parents wanted them to wait.
Mages get along and are welcomed in  the land   till a new Leader for
the church wants them all killed.
In just a few moments their world was changed and they went to war.
Laedron had only days training with his teacher.  Their is so much he
does not know.
Its a exciting story but  I am glad the next book is already out so I can continue
the adventure without waiting.
I was given this ebook from Librarything in exchange for honest review.
2011 PUB Late Nite Books

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