Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La Desperada by Patricia Burroughs

The story kept my attention.
I was always wondered how they could resolve the problems. It seemed
the more I read thier were more problems to resolve.
Elizabeth Dougherty husband committed sucide in Cavendish,TX 1881
Her brother-in-law was sheriff and blamed her for it.  He intended to rape her that night, but she got away by knocking him out with a
In the jail was a gunman Boone Coulter she told him that if he would
take her away she would get him break him out. So Boone agreed.
Elizabeth put a drug in the coffee and when the deputy drank it she unlocked the jail.
As they were on the trail for a few days she learned that the men
Boone killed were the men that burned his whole family in the cabin.
He got his sister out, but she was hurt badly. His father ran into
get the baby and his mom but got trapped too.
Sheriff was after them both he knew that he had to kill boone before he could kill him. Plus he wanted his sister-in-law for himself.
Thier were a lot of love scenes that I skipped.  Story was long and I did not read the screne play at the end.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from librarything.

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