Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Leah's Choice by Emma Miller

Leah's Choice is a good, uplifting, fast read.
Leah is Amish and her family has lived  the plain and simple way.  No phones, cars ect. Leah has not been baptised in her church even though her little sister at 16 did.
The Menonites invited some of the Amish youth to hear a Daniel speak about his missionary experience and show powerpoint of the different folks and
places he served. Before he could start a call for help went out a six year old boy was lost out in a stormy night.
Leah was put in a group of three others Menonites who were not familar with
the aera. Two of her party had to turn back because of injury.  Leah was so close to another farm which the family was away for a few months. They found the missing 6 year old with a baby goat and mother goat in distress because the other twin goat could not delivered.  Daniel was a nurse so he figured what was wrong and the other kid was born.  It was when they had taken the boy home did Leah find out he was the quest speaker that she had really wanted to meet.
Daniel kept asking Leah to help with different service projects and she liked helping outsiders.  In her church they did service for thier members all the time but not others.
Daniel knew that he wanted to marry Leah right away. He was also waiting
for his next missionary assignment.
Leah knew if she chose to marry Daniel she would have to leave the Amish church and some would shun her.
Leah's mother had to make that same choice but in reverse she left the Menonites for her new husband and joined the Amish church.  Her family shuned her. They sent her letters back and has not seen or heard from them since.
This story is good but makes me realize that I need to do more service to others. I liked this story and would like to read more about their family.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
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