Friday, May 4, 2012

Rainbow's End by Valerie Comer, Annalisa Daughety, Nicole O'Dell, Cara Putman

Kirk is a collage Humanities professer who used to challenge christians in class. Now he is in town to help his brother open a shop. His brother just lost his wife to cancer and is bitter.
Lyssa is shy but she is helping her church sell advertising for their GEO treasure hunting fundraiser. She walks into the store and starts to back out when she reconizes Kirk as the professor who always picked on her friend in collage.
Kirk tries to date Lyssa now does not know she was in his class years ago but Lyssa has walls up.

BENEATH THE SURFACE  by Annalisa daugherty
Madison is unemployed and her sister Brook wants her to come and stay with her for the summer. She signed them both up for treasure hunt.
Grant and his grandfather signed on for the treasure hunt for something for both of them to do together.
When Brook & her husband have to leave for a family emergency. Brook and Grants grandfather said let Madison & grant work together.
Madison wears mostly dresses and famous brands and hopes to get a job in NY.
Grant just retired from professional fishing. Right now he is a guide and drives an old dirty truck.

Noah is the one who is in charge of the geocache hunt. He is the minister.
Hadley in the past year lost a 100lbs and is doing the hunt help her feel healthy. She has not seen Noah for 13 years since she saw him kissing her friend. She is angry with Noah but keeps embrassing herself in front of him.
Noah can't forget her. They were friends in thier youth.

Love's Prize by Cara C. Putman
Reagan is an accountant who was being stalked. Her cat was poisoned. So she was going with her brother and his roomate for two months and entering the geocaching contest. Reagan took lots of pictures of the two guys and the scenery but she would not sign the logs and have a record of her their.
Colton was asked by his law school roomate if he would go with them and help protect Garrets sister from the stalker. He was willing to do it and have a two month relaxing outdoors till lawschool started this fall. 
Garrets is protective of his sister but he does take off at least one night a week. It was his idea to spend the summer in little town away from the city they lived in.
All four stories were good but feel like a bit was cut out. Thier was some mention of a couple of scriptures that fit in with the stories. No sex or swearing that I noticed. I just wish the stories were a little longer.
05/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing

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