Friday, May 25, 2012

Samantha Moon vampire for hire by J.R. Rain

4 Stars
Moon dance is the first novel in this series. I liked it in fact I even cried in one part.(but that could be
because my daughter left yesterday for 18 month mission so it hit harder.)
Samantha Moon is a vampire for 6 years after attack.  She is a wife,mother and a private detective.
In this case a lawyer who was shot a bunch of times and survived hired her to find his shooter.  He has
his own problems and guessed hers.
A police detective was guessing her real problem too.
Her husband was having an affair and she turned him off.  I wanted to hit him.
I really got into the story and can't wait to start the next one.
Vampire Moon book 2 Vampire for hire
Samantha is hired to protect a women whos husband beat her and after he got free attacked her again and killed her father and crippled her mother. Hes in prison but keeps hiring killers to kill her.
another case a man hires her to help prove a mob boss killed all the wittness in a plane crash.
I enjoyed it, left in a cliffhanger. But this collection I could just keep reading.
American vampire book 3 vampire for Hire
She learns who fang is and Samantha doesn't sure how she feels about him .
A five  year old girl calls her that a bad man killed her mommy and hurts her/ Samantha is determined
to find her and keep her safe.
Samantha son is very sick and Samantha has to make a hard decision.
Moon Child Vampire for Hire book 4
Samantha son Anthony was dying and the doctors could not to anything.  Samantha knew she could
save him by turning him to vampire and maybe turning him back with the medalion if she can figure
out how.
Another little boy who was moved into Anthony old room was kidnapped from the hospital by a very
old vampire who wanted to die and could do it with the medalion.
Samantha had lots of choices to make in this book. It is very compelling I dont want to put the book down.
Christmas Moon Vampire for Hire book 4.5 & Vampire Dreams  are really short stories that are at the end of the first 4 books of the series.
Over all I have really enjoyed the series. I have read the whole 4 books + in two days.  I will look out for more books by J.R. Rain in the future.
I was given this ebook to read and in exchange for my honest review by Netgalley.
06/5/2012  PUB BenBella Books

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