Monday, July 2, 2012

Aidan loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

4 stars
Thier is really two stories in the ebook I was given to read by Netgalley.
The first is Aiden Loyal Cowboy.  Aiden is a hard worker he is a Vet. and helps runs his family horse business. Aiden broke up with Flynn in collage after his dad died leaving the ranch in a mess.
Now Flynn is living back at the ranch next to Aiden after her divorce.  They ended up eating dinner at same place and ended sleeping together. After Aiden made excuses and left. He did not call her but after running into 3 weeks later apolgised.
Flynn was pregnant but she was not getting married just because she was having a child. Flynn wanted to be first with Aiden and wanted his love.
Aiden did not want Flynn to move to another town. He wanted her to marry him. Aiden wanted to be with her but was too busy to spend all his time with 'Flynn between his  Vet practice and running the ranch. Something had to give.
I liked the characters and could understand both points of views. Want to also know what Aiden's brothers are up too. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/03/2012 PUB Harlequin American Romance

Family Plan by Cathy McDavid
Family Plan is the bonus book included in the ebook I recieved.
It was copywrited 2008.
I enjoyed it. Great strong women characters.
Jolyn Sutherland has come after being on the road for 9 years in the Wild and Wooly West Equestrian show. she rode bareback and jumped a wagon full of mock settlers. Till the last show when they missed and she almost lost her leg.
Jolyn while she was having surgery after surgery and physical therapy got her contractors license and is going into business in her own small home town.
Chase Raintree is the town vet. He is an old friend of Jolyn and even kissed once. He married her best friend from high school. Now divorced and single father. He hired Jolyn to build his new vet clinic.
Mandy his Chase's 8 year old daughter well their is a chance he wasn't but he did not want to have DNA testing done to find out.
Jolyn mom has been trying to push Chase to get the testing done because their is a chance that Mandy is her grandaughter. Steven Jolyn brother had a affair with SherryAnne after she was only married three months.
This was a animal friendly story.
I admire Chase willing to raise his daughter by himself and not wanting to take an easy out.

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