Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Something Blue by Dianne Christner

5 STARS I enjoyed watching Megan grow and change. This was a perfect sunday book to enjoy. Megan is a Mennonite. She is working for a small airplane company. They do private charters and charity flights. Megan's boss is Randy and he is taking off two months to try and save his marriage. His brother Chance Campbell works in Ecuador as a mission piliot and coming to run the company for him. Chance flirts right away with Megan and tells her stories about his work. Chance has a hard time understanding why Megan does not want to date him or even have lunch together as friends. Megan is very attracted to Chase and keeps saying no to him but she is worried about him. Megan's Preacher died and they are interviewing two men for the job. The first one to come is going to stay with Megan's family. Her father is an Elder of thier church and they have room for him. Megan is surprised when she comes home to find the preacher who has come first to interview and preach is Micah Zimmerman. She knew him at collage and in fact he asked her out time after time. She finally had to threaten to get him to leave her alone. She hoped he did not come here just to try with her again. Micah the moment he first met Megan in his last semester of collage he felt that she was going to mean a lot to him. He remembered how he kept asking her out. Micah was having lots of allergies problems. He felt like he was looking like a fool to Megan. Then he found that Megan had lots of allergies too. Megan got to know a little bit more about Micah and they became friends. Micah realized he still felt attracted to Megan but he was afraid of thier past would hurt him to get the job. Micah was asked back to stay for a three months and than the members would vote to offer him the job or not. Chance really wanted Megan to come with him to Ecuador when he left. He thought she would love it. He hid somethings to Megan. Megan confided to Micah about Chance. Megan was starting to think that she needed to spend more time with Chance. This story did have a lot of different scriptures and subjects of different sermons topics came up. It was all natural to the story. I liked the Characters. This is the third book of a series. I have now read the second & third books. I would love to go read the first one sometime. Look forward to reading more of Dianne's novels in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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