Monday, July 30, 2012

Rodeo Rebel by Debra Kayn

4 STARS I enjoyed the fact that Florentine McDougal had a different job than I have ever read about for a woman. She is a bull rider. I have to say that it is hard for me to think about a women doing that job. Just how physical it is. I learned that I am not as well rounded on that profession as I should be. Florentine is named after a lace and all four of her sisters are too. Florentine is a twin too. She was raised on a ranch by her father after her mother died when she was younger. Her dad passed away last year. Florentine gets no respect from the other cowboys. They feel threatened by her as a female bullrider who is beating them. She has just a few rides left of the season and she is on her way to being a professional bull rider. Cole Reardon just bought Turner Grain Corporation and along with that he found himself to be sponsering a bullrider Florentine. Cole feels strongly that he does not want to be a sponser of someone risking thier live for entertainment. He wants out of the contract. Cole is a widower and is raising his daughter Sarah and he wants to be a good example to her. He is over the top protective of her. Cole takes Florentine to dinner after the rodeo and tells her he wants to buyout his contract. Florentine gets angry and tells him no. This is her dream and she has a tight contract. She wants to win so that she can help other girls to realize that they can be whatever they want to be. If she can make her dream come true with hardwork so can they. She is not leting Cole out. Right before her next ride Cole agains tries to get her to let him buyout his contract. Right after that she gets injured from her ride. Cole contract states he be responsible for her medical bills. Also feels guilty for distracting her before her ride. Florentine has a concussion and Cole thinks she will let him buyout his contract now that she is injured and can't ride. Florentine plans to be back riding the bulls in 10 days. The doctor wants her to take it easy for 2 weeks but agrees that if she rests should be able to compete in 10 days if she wants to. Cole is torn he wants her but does not want her risky behavor around his daughter. He takes Florentine home for her 10 days off. He also brings his little daughter with him. Florentine family always puts on a big 4th of July party with fireworks on her family ranch and this year her sister is getting married right before the party. Sarah is glad to be thier she wants a mother. She also wants more freedom than her father gives her. Now can Florentine cook cookies? It is on her wish list for a mom. Florentine has to act tough to be a bullrider. She is lonely out on the circut one day a cowboy wants to bed her and the next he wants her gone. She will not date a cowboy. I stayed up late because I had to see if she won or lost and how the book would turn out. Thier are a few love scenes in the book. I want to read more about Florentine family. I think they have had thier own story written. I would read more from Debra in the future. The rodeo action seemed so believeable you could almost taste the dirt. Too bad I missed my towns rodeo last week. If it was this week I probably would go after reading this story. Florentine's father did a fine job raising his daughters to go for thier dream whatever they wanted. Let them know how much he loved them and how proud of them he was. I liked her family. I was given this ebook to read in return for giving honest review of it from Netgalley. 06/15/2012 PUB Entangled Publishing Imprint Indulgence

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