Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: All Summer Long by Susan Mallery

It was nice to go back to Fool's Gold and visit old friends and meet new ones.
Charlie in collage was raped and no one believed her, even her mom.  So Charlie has a hard time even being close to a guy. She wants a family or at least children and does not want to pass on her fear of guys.
Clay wants to be close to his family and get them involved in a business plan for a haycation. Clay has made lots of money with his butt modeling and movie double work.  Clay has even graduated collage but did not tell his family. He has bought 200 acres by his family's property. He wants to be part of a small town again. Even volunteer as a fireman.
Charlie gets the idea to have Clay help her to be normal and be able to have sex again.  Plus as a fireman trainee help him get a fair shot and help him with his dream.
A lot of women stare at Clay and treat him like he is meat market.  Clay was married once before and she died. He does not want serious relationship but he does not want one night stands.  Clay takes Charlie serious and does look
up information how to help. So Clay starts to seduce her slowly getting her to trust him and tease her .  Thier is a lot of sex talk and foreplay in this
story.  Plus a lot of family drama Charlie's famous mother comes to town and now wants a relationship with her.
May mother of Clay,Rafe and Shane finally talks about her daughter and we get to meet her.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
07/24/2012 Harlequin    HarlequinHQN

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calstephanie said...

I really enjoyed All Summer Long. If I had to pick, it was my favorite of this year's Fool's Gold books. I would definately recommend it!