Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Uneasy Fortunes by Mandi Ellsworth

5 STARS I kept having to put the book down and do things when I just wanted to read more. I liked the characters. That the two main ones had serious problems to over come. Thier was no swear words or love scenes in detail to worry about. I laughed ,cried and wanted to punch a couple of guys too. Pete Faralay's father was a drunk and gambler. When he died Pete lost everything except clothes,and his mother's ribbon. Too pay his fathers debt he had to work for 5 years without wage.(Which I don't think thats fair} Pete had a stutter so a lot of people thought he was dumb. So when he got to Ridgemoor he did not talk just shrugs and comunicate quite well. The daughter Miss Rosalynn Richie of the house rode her horse daily when Pete did not tell her his name she named him Mr. Boots. Pete developed a crush on her and was glad that he paid off his dads debt sooner. Pete was really close to the head of the stable and his wife. They were close. Clarke heard Pete speak and asked why. When it was only the two of them around did he talk with him quitely. After he left working for the Richies he was wandering around looking for work. He was hired for Harvest betteridge. He was given a small room next to the kitchen and ate with the family. William Betteridge has two daughters and a cute grandson. Will has a lot of land but they all worked on the land hard. June did all the cooking and most of the garden by herself. Shates men and has good reason but is working on the anger. She has a cute boy Gabe who likes to work outside with his poppy and soon cares a lot about Pete and follows him around. Margaret at first seems spoiled brat but then we get to know a little bit more and more I knew I got to like and understand. Seeing how the church folks were turning away from June I have to wonder if I have done that or do I try and make people welcome. A lot of everyones problems is lack of comunication over the important things. Thier is a little talking about scripture mainly with forgiveness should not offend anyone with it. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/12/2012 PUB Cedar Fort Sweetwater

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