Sunday, July 8, 2012

quakers of new garden by Claire Sanders, Ann E. Schrock, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Susette Williams

4 Stars Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor In the first story Ruth Payne fiance Josiah want to postpone their wedding for the second time. Ruth is hurt that Josiah does not want to marry her. Josiah is a Federalist and wants to put off the wedding till the election. Ruth thinks that Josiah really doesn't love her she is just a habit. Josiah can't believe Ruth won't marry him. Ruth's father cousin comes to visit with her husband. Molly Madison and James Madison. Crossroads by Ann E Schrock Slavers are chasing some runaway slaves. It was storming most turned back but one slaver wanted to check and make sure the slaves were not dying in the stream but he got washed over the bridge and hurt himself. He was brought into the house saying all are welcome. Nathaniel does not know if he can rejoin the society again and turn the other cheek. He does not want to join for the wrong reason. Deborah has changed her opinion of Nathaniel but she does want to marry in her faith. Inspiration by Claire Sanders Leah is about to be married to Caleb and minutes before the wedding meets him for the first time. Leah is hopeful to be finally wed and to have a family. Caleb is going to fight in the civil war and needs someone to care for his two kids his aunt has been helping with that but her health is slowing down. Caleb was not planning on getting married but Leah's Uncle says that if he marries her she would be a good mother for his kids. Leah is shocked to find out that it is to be a name only marriage right before her wedding night. After crying herself to sleep she wakes to find her groom already gone. Conversion by Susette williams Conversion by Susette Williams Jaidon Taylor is a lawyer but he gives a lot of time to a youth group in a bad part of town. He comes to the hospital when a young man is shot that he is trying to help and meets nurse Catherine Wall. Catherine decide to go help at the youth center after hearing about it from a young man she is nursing. Jaidon asks her out right away even when she tells him that she won't date marry out of her church. Jaidon invites her to his church and agrees to go to hers to see what each other belives. Shows good amd some not so good points about both as they try and help the youth. I liked all four stories but they were too short for me. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. At the back of the ebook is a survey questions that I thought I would answer here for me. 1, Did you enjoy reading the Quakers of New Garden? yes I did and would read more books like this. What influence me to buy this book. I did not buy but got it free because It looked good to read. and it was. 3. which is favorite book? I guess Inspiration was my favorite. 4 age 49 5 hours read each week? I can't count that high. I read between 7-14 books a week usually. Some of them I do listen to them on my kindle too. rhonda I am disabled and cant do a lot and reading helps me to cope with pain and uplifts me. Fairview UT 04/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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