Saturday, July 28, 2012

Treasure of the Celtic Triangle by Michael Phillips

This is the second book with these characters,but it stands alone.  I
have not read the first one but I am going to read it soon.
No bedroom scenes or swearing in the book.  Lots of caring for
The book starts in 1872 Courtenay is the heir to Viscount but he
will inheirit when he turns 25.  In less than 2 years he has come back
home because he spent almost all of his money.  Thier has been no
money added to his account since his father died. He is very spoiled
and greedy.
Viscountess Lady Katherine is the last wife of the Viscount.  She is
mother of Courtenay and Florilyn.  She is caretaker of the estate till
her son turns 25.  She has money of her own where their is not a lot
of money with the lands.
Florilyn is the younger than her brother.  She is engaged to her cousin
Percy is engaged to Florilyn.  Has been coming to Wales to stay with
his Aunt since age 16 when he kept getting into trouble so his parents
thought that might help.  He is just finshing collage and is thinking he
wants to go into law. Percy was with his Uncle when he was dying and
his Uncle asked him to look into a matter of his past for him.  If he can
find something or someone than tell his Aunt Katherine the truth but if
proof can not be found don't hurt his family
Florilyn and Percy are reading the same book and writing letters back and
forth to discuss it.  Florilyn soon see herself in the book along with Percy and Gwyneth.  She thinks that maybe they got engaged too fast and need to
pray and think if that is Gods will.
Percy is hurt but feels it would not hurt to slow down and make sure that they are right for each other.  He also has to look into his feelings of the
missing Gwyneth.
Stephen was a shepard but Viscountess asked him to manage the estate for her.  Stephen is a well read man.  He follows God and cares for the families
that live on the property.  He knows how to take care of the horses. Has been friends with Percy and Florilyn.  His cousin is Gwyneth and his family don't know where Gwyneth ,her father and Granny moved too.
Lots of secrets and plans that go behind each others back. It kept my attention in the book. I hated to put it down.
I was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
08/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Publishing, Inc.

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