Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lakeside Family by lisa Jordan

4 STARS Lakeside Family has a mother's worst nightmare, Her nine year old daughter has cancer. Her remission is over and now needs a bonemarrow transplant. So far cant find a match. Josie Peretti has been a single mother since her Junior year in high school. Now she has to find Hannah's father to see if he is a match. She has not seen him since he left for collage and broke up with her. Not a word about his daughter or gift for 9 year old Hannah. Nick Brennan did not recongize Josie when he saw her again for a few minutes. He was glad to see her. He was in a hurry to get to a meetimg but he did promise to call her when he was done. Instead of calling he came to her work since the address was on the card she left. Nick was sorry to hear that she had a daughter who had cancer. He wanted to know how that made her want to seek out him. Josie could not believe how he could not see why she needed him again. She said because he was a father and might be a match Nick was surprised and angry she kept that from him for 9 years. Josie had not kept it a secret. She went to Nick's mother and asked for his address at school. His mother would not give it to her but agreed to tell him. Nick had no idea and is mother died 8 years ago from an car accident. He was driving and blames himself for ruining his family. Nick wants to be active father to Hannah. He taught collage two hours from them and Had to move his brother to a group home in that city after his old one needed to close. Nick might lose his jub because he did not marry and had a nine year old daughter (hich I don't think its right that he lose a job because he found out he has a nine year old who is fighting cancer. I don't believe its right to have to have sex without marriage, but he is trying now that he knows to do whats right) Isn't funny how we can be so envolved in a story that we want to say something to a character or that makes you cry or laugh. Lakeside Family got me envolved in the story. I wanted things to work out for everyone. Quick read, no sex scenes or swearing. I will read more from Lisa Jordan in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 07/31/2012 PUB Harlequin imprint Harlequin Love Inspired

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