Friday, July 20, 2012

Review:Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins

4 STARS I had fun reading this novel. Its one that I thought would be a little bit different than what it was. I like the characters. They have dreams,fears,faults and love. Parker Welles lives with her little boy in a mansion all alone. She writes little childrens books that she hates. Parker donates the profits to Save the Children Fund. She does not need money and if she did she has a big trust fund and so does her son. That is till her father Harry comes down to the house and says the money is all gone. Even thier trustfunds. The goverment is taking everything except what she has bought for the house in the last 5 years. her car, thier clothes and personal items. She has around 10,000$ left and a house in Maine that she forgot she inheited from a great Aunt. Her father's personel lawyer James Cahill offers to go with her to help her but she turns him down. She calls him thing 1 and her fathers other aid thing 2. Everytime she sees her father they are both thier and have been for years. Nicky is Parker's 5 year old son. She never married his father, but has a good relationship with him and his wife Lucy. Nicky is going on vacation with them to the west coast for 3 weeks. When Parker goes up to Gideon's Cove and see the house she inheirited she finds a rundown shack. Her great Aunt was a horder and stuff was everywhere. The town is small so she slept in her car. James shows up the next morning to offer help again reminding her he did construction to put himself through collage. He tells her all that needs fixing so she agrees he can stay. Parker think her father's still paying him to help her this summer. Parker is jealous of James and her father's pet snake. They are closer to her father than she is. I really like the supporting characters of the book they added to the charm of it. I laughed and smiled a lot while reading Somebody to Love. I want to go and read more books about Gideon's Cove. Parker has a good attidude and is not afraid to get into doing the work even though she has to be shown how to do it. She also ends up getting a dog because the dog is going to be killed that day. After we find that was a lie. I was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 04/24/2012 PUB HQN 432 pages

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