Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Celtic Run by Sean Vogel

4 STARS A Jake McGreevy Novel Celtic Run is a fast paced adventure, treasure hunting tale. It is good clean fun entertainment. It starts out on airplane from NYC to Ireland some students are having a long field trip.They are going to stay with different host families. Some even in different cities. Julie's father pulled string so the three of them would be in the same town. Jake has been friends for years. He really likes her and can't see what she sees in that bully Zach. Jake is smart and handy around tools and gadgets. He is really short. Zach plays football and likes to tease and torture Jake. Zach & Julie's host families we never see about them besides they have money. Zach & Julie's family have money too. Jake's host family has a daughter about his age Maggie. They are in am older car but it works. Mrs.O'Connell runs the pub. Mr. O'Connell is unemployed but still looking for work. The O'Connell family and thats the important part. They parked at a viewing point and all got out to look at the water they were only 15 feet to the water. Jake noticed a little tolder chasing a butterfly and wemt over the side. Jake ran and jumped right after. He almost gave up finding her but he did and the second time they both went under he did not let her go. When Jake gets pulled out he had spanish coin and a clue tp a treasure. The four teenagers decide to work together to find the treasure. They have a lot of drama. Someone else is trying to find the treasure. They are dangerous and want the clues to the treasure. In the pub Jake finds a uncle who says he is in the milatary and call if he needs anything. The bartender does not believe the older gentleman story. I would read other books from Sean Vogel in the future. They drew me into the story and I wanted to be there. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/24/2012 PUB. MB Publishing, LLC Imprint Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Tities ISBN:9780962416699

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