Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homefront Hero by Allie Pleiter

4 STARS I started the book and before long I did not like hero at all. Then things began to change as I got to know him longer the more I grew to like Captain John Gallows. In the end I was sorry to see them go. Homefront Hero takes place in 1918 during World War 1 at Camp Jackson Army Base Columbia, South Carolina. Leanne Sample has just graduated from nursing school at University of South Carolina and is now working at base army hospital. Leanne is also signed up to teach knitting classes. The army needs socks badly and they are trying to get more people involved into making them. Captain John Gallows is a hero but he doesn't think he is a hero. He risked his life and saved others but if he did not do anythink they would all crash and he would be dead too. So he risked his life to save his life. The army is using him to help with the support the war at home. He really wants to get healed enough that he can be sent over seas again. The Doctors don't think he can be made well enough. John is a good looking and smooth talker and does really well to get people to support the war effort. He tells the General he will do anything to be considered again for a chance at active duty. The General takes him up on anything. He wants Captain John Gallows to be in the Red Cross sock knitting campaign. Have his picture taken of him getting lessons on how to knit so other young men and women will learn to do it too. Leanne is the one to teach him how to knit. John wants Leanne to teach him some knitting before he gets photographed learning how to knit socks. Leanne is wondering if that will be cheating, but decides to go ahead and teach him first. John has a hard time learning how to knit. John tries and get Leanne to do some of the knitting for him. John is very spoiled but then he is going through a lot of pain and still wants to get better. John also gets Leanne assigned to help with his physical problems. While he is getting his leg iced down and staying still she can help him with his knitting. John also makes a side deal with her. He wants her to dance the waltze with him at one of the Generals ball so that he will look more healed than he really is. Leanne agrees if he gets his sock so far along by the dance. Leanne was praying for ideas to help John with his exercises to help him and got the answer to waltze with him. His doctor thought that was a good idea for him. It is one of the harder things for him to walk side ways. It does get him motavated. Leanne wants to share her testimony with him. At the same time as World War 1 thier also comes wide spread Spanish Influenza that kills millions around the world. John and Leanne have to cope with that too. I will read more by Allie Pleiter in the future. I love Harlequin Love Inspired novels. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Historical 288 pages

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