Friday, July 6, 2012

Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

5 STARS I found myself lost in the story and had a good time reading it. Spirit fighter is angels versus fallen angels and this battle is being fought by a 13 year old boy and a 11 year old girl. They have to go and save thier mom who was kidnapped by the fallen angels. Jonah 13 is excited because today was the start of basketball tryouts. He has been practicing for a long time. Its three days long. But the first day of tryouts the coach told him that it was not his game and don't come for the other 2 days of tryouts. Jonah was upset and said a prayer then kicked a ball in frustration and it flew along ways. Jonah told his father what happened to him. Jonah Mom and Dad after his little sister and brother were in bed that his mom was not all human. Her father was a fallen angel so she was a halfling and he was a 16th part angel. It is easy for a halfing to take after the fallen side if not careful. She did not know why Elohim answered his prayers right not but that he would have a reason for it. Eleanor a few days later was kidnapped by fallen angels. Warrior angels and the family guardian angel came to tell them what happened. That a lot of past histories dark side was caused by halfings. The mission to save thier mom is for Jonah an Eliza job to do. They needed to trust in Elohim to know all things and trust in him. Jonah has strength and speed are his gifts and they don't know what her gifts are but they are willing to go and rescue thier mom. Of course the fallen angels dont want to have thier plan ruined and take measures to stop Jonah and Eliza. This book has some bible versus and some history from the bible in this uplifting adventure story. I hope more books are in the work for this series. It will be one that I will read in the future. Thier is nothing objectable in this book unless you don't belive in Faith, Trust and Elohim power and knowledge. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 04/03/2012 PUB Thomas Nelson

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