Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review:Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston

5 STARS I gave Reckless Heart 5 stars because it made me envolved in the story so much. I cried in it. I wanted to say things back to the characters. I was so Lydia Bontrager side except for one thing. Lydia Bontrager was 16 and wanted to be like other teens in her church. She was hoping that her good friend Josh would ask her to go on dates. She worked as a teacher assistant and in her families bakery. Her little sister was really ill and she was concerned and worried so much. One evening at her youth group her best friend and her cousin Amanda was not thier. neither was her neighbor and crush Josh thier. She was lonely and worried. When Mahlon Ebersol invited her to come join him and some friends into the barn with him. Lydia went and they got her drunk. She knew it was wrong and vowed not to do it. Her little sister Ruthie was diagnosed with cancer and had to go to bigger hospital. Her mom and grandma will also go to be with her. Lydia now had too still work her two jobs and give her father both paychecks to help the family pay bills. He would work extra long if he could. Lydia had two take care of her other two siblings and the house. Lydia agreed to help. She cooked breakfast, made sure her brother & sister were ready for school and come straight home to cook and clean. Her church neighbors helped her with some cleaning and meals. No one really appreciated how much stress she was under. How tired she was from all the extra jobs she was dealing with. She had new nieghbors and met the cute 4 year old and her puppy. When her older brother came to get her she met Tristian. Who was easy to talk to. The next day the three Bontrager childen took box of bakery items to welcome them to the nieghbor hood. Tristian was a new friend he told her about school, his girl friend and family. Lydia told him about her sister illness. Lydia kept getting lectures about her friendship with a english. Mahlon was always flirting with her at church and she was not interested in going to drink with him after the first time. Her friends told her that Josh was interested in another girl at youth meetings. Lydia had a lot of trials. She tried to do all her family wanted her to be. She kept praying. I read last night till I could not keep my eyes opened and finshed first thing this morning. This is my first book of the series I have read but not the last. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Thier are no warnings about reading this book except you might want some kleenex in case you need them. I did! 05/01/2012 PUB Zondervan

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