Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman

Well this one was a rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoy this series of books and it will be a book that I will reread in the future.
Bonnie has been a PUPI now for two years. They have expanded and have a lot of new trainys. She would rather be out if the field working or trying new spells than training.
Bonnie and Ben are still circling around the merge.  Ben knows he is finding it harder to not caring about who she is seeing.  Ben is not needed right now
on any cases so he is working on something that is not PUPI business but his own.  So he is going out of town.
Bonnie comes across a girl a little younger than her that has no idea what talent is and untrained.  Bonnie gets the idea that Wren would be a good mentor for her.
Bonnie is told to take some time off and is not sure what to do. Ben pings her and tell her to come to him.  So Bonnie takes off to be with Ben and take time to see if they want to take their relationship to the next level. Then the musuem that Ben was doing a new security for and had a break in
but it works and stop the thief.  Then They get called to work on two murders.  They find out that thier will probably be more.
They never do get the vacation alone in fact more and more people they know end up out of town with them working.
Bonnie keeps getting visions of dragons and tries to figure those out durning stressful days. I think I lost something about them.
I look forward to reading more books about the PUPI in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
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