Friday, July 27, 2012

Phantom Marauders of the Bermuda Triangle by R.C. Farrington

5 STARS I made the mistake of picking this book up right before I was planning to read just for a bit and bed early. Well its after 1:00 am. The story is told in a easy clear manner. Thier is lots of things blown up and people killing in this drug war. Now I want to read more books from Farrington. an ex-cop who worked undercover in drugs now searchs for wrecked boats. Finds an empty boat with a cabin full of cocaine they take and dump it out into the ocean and plan to turn the empty bags over to authority. Instead of a warm welcome he is met with former fellow cop that says he is now running drugs. He is taken away instead of police he is taken somewhere and then down secret tunnel and surprised to see the Govenor of Bermuda. Then an FBI Agent comes in the room too. They want him to destroy the drugs,disable their ships and do it only in the Bermuda triangle. They can come ashore in this one secret base but only at night. He will get a few new members of crew and big boat that can't be tracked by radar whem its on. It is a war and thier is a cost to what they are doing. Some get wounded and others disappeared. I kept wishing somehow they woud all make it. Turk Black is the captain, ex-cop and has a glass eye. He hates drugs. This is a book you won't want to put down and has lots of action, lots of heros. I could definately see this as a movie someday. I was given this book to read for free and asked in return to give my honest review of the book when done from Librarything. CreateSpace PUB 03/25/2012 219 pages

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