Saturday, April 30, 2011

review : Kiss me deadly by michele hauf

Ravin is a witch who hunts vampires.  She has killed hundreds because they killed her parents two hundred years ago.  Raven has sold her soul or lent to the devil and she need to do 3 tasks for him. the second is to make a love potion she just finshed it and placed it on top of fridge too cool.  when her door gets blown open and a vampire comes through her magic with intent to kill her. A witch's blood can kill a vampire fast it eats them away. Nikolaus survived her blood bullets two months ago and just now is healed enough to come kill her. with the force he used to knock down the door the potioned rained down of Ravan and when nilolaus bit into her it went straight to him.
a vampire who survives on witch blood can never be hurt again by thier blood.  so nikolaus feels love for raven and stays with her convincing her to be lovers. If a vampire has blood sex with a witch he shares her magic and completely heals.
its a nice story line. fast read.

Review Alice at heart by Deborah Smith

Its a charming story of water people, excepting differences in our selves and others. Alice lived most of her life being hated for being different.  Boys assaulted her and laughed. Her family hated her. She was told her teenage mom killed herself because of her.
Alice lives alone by a lake in a cabin.  Where she feels safer and more at peace swimming in the lake. Alice works at a pet store. Alice has never left her area.
One day while swimming nude in the freezing water she hears  a scream of    child fell into the lake. Alice is aways off but swims faster than anyone believes and can hold her breath for over an hour.  Rescues the child. Instead of being grateful everyone thinks she might have done it for glory, because no one believes her truth. the child grandfather is the state govenor.  Alice is given award but no one really celebrates what she did.
Her other side of the family just realizes by the paper who Alice is and comes to take her home with them and tells her about her family.
Griff is a treasure hunter and has unbelieveable talents for finding ships and exploring them.  An old world war bomb explodes in the water killing everyone else but him he hears Alice in his mind telling him to breath that he can. Griff lives but has broken legs and other wounds and comes back to his home.
Alice and Griff learn together about thier families and the journeys they have gone on and what really happened and where they came from.
I enjoyed the story.

Friday, April 29, 2011

apr 29 win

Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnett
Death After Midnight by Dean Fetzer

review Fashion police by Sibel Hodge

Amber fox is an insurance investagator working for her exfiance.  She seams real has her good points and weakness.  She was let go by police departent for shooting her boss in the rear.  After six months unemployed Brad her ex offers her a job.  She has three cases she working on. Romeo is a cop and her boyfriend and wants her to live him.
Amber gets shot out a couple of times, gets kidnapped, jumps out a burning building, bad guys cause her to have car wreck.  Lots of action and humor.  Its a well rounded book. I enjoyed Amber and Brad.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

review Be careful what you wish for by sibel hodge

It was a enjoyable to have female that was good at her job but have troubles too. Amber fox used to be a cop but now she is an insurance investigtor. Her boss was her ex- fiance and used to work for SAS. A friend of his from the SAS asked him to find out about his son the world weight boxing title who had a wierd boxing match. Vinnie was his promoter and manager and all around bad guy. Vinnie cousin was bankrobber who Amber arrested 10 years ago and he remembers her. Amber investigates what happened at the match and connects to a bank heist a few weeks ago.  Amber boyfriend that they are having a break from is Romeo investigating the bank heist and when amber runs accross dead bodies she deals with him. Romeo wants her to move in with  him and gave her an utimation. Brad still wants her back. She has a hard time choosing while she is investigating and finding out lots of  pieces to the puzzle. I enjoyed reading the book. four stars

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review Savage Nature by Christine Feehan

Its fun to see some of the same characters and meet new ones. Drake has had his leg operated on and he is ready to see if he can change into a panther again. He has not been able to do it for over 2 years and had given up on being able to change again.
Saria is a young woman who has run wild in the swamps around her family. Her dad was a drunk and her mom died when she was little and her brothers were older by at least 8 years and she was alone with her dad for years while her brothers left home for armed forces. She is a guide in the swamp and is starting to get recongition for her photos. she cooked clean house and worked traped aligators, fished and hunted and mangage the store and bar her family has had in the swamp from 10 years old.
While she is in the swamp at night in a blind trying to get a photo of baby birds she notices strange things in a remote place no one goes too. so after they leave she goes and finds a dead body that has been killed with a knife and panther bite.  She found out really young that her brothers were able to shift into panthers and as far as she knew none else can do that and her brothers dont talk to her about it. Her oldest brother is a homacide detective so she doesnt want to go to police.  So she writes a letter to owner of the land jake and sneaks it out and Drake and his team come to find out who the murder is and whats going on thier;
I enjoyed the book. skiped pages of love scenes.

Review Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Rowan is and experienced smoke jumper for years. Her father was a famous won in that part of the country. Gull is a rookie to smokejumping but not as a wildfire fighter. Rowan is a tough woman, outs drinks the men and does not sleep with firefighters. Gull is attracted to her and does not let her put him off. Someone is killing people and starting fires at first Rowan is a suspect because she found the body and had issues with her.
The story goes into detail of life of smokejumper fighting fires and training to fight wildfires. The characters are well rounded and you like them and want to see what happens next.
It is a good Nora Roberts book like you would expect of her. I stayed up half the night to finsh the book.

apr 27 wins

1The Queen Bee of Bridgeton by Leslie DuBois
2. Red Smoke Rising by Rick Anthony

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1. Born of War … Dedicated to Peace (1995 – Non-Fiction
2. In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of the Phantom of the Opera
3.Les Pensees Dangereuses: Dangerous thoughts about life, love, pets, friends and depression (2009 – Non-fiction).
4. Sui Generis (2010 – Anthology
5. You Had To Be There: Three Years of Mayhem and Bad Decisions in the Portland Music Scene
6. 2010 Hindsight: A Year of Personal Growth, In Spite of Myself

Sunday, April 24, 2011

apr 24 wins

I am spoiled I actually felt bad that I did not win a book yesterday.

the Blighted Troth by Mirella Sichirolo palzer

bridesmaid lotto review 4/24/2011

Emma is holding a lotto drawing for the chance to be one of four bridesmaid at her wedding. one of the groomsman is her future brother-in-law Jake. Who is a rich famous actor who wants to settle down.  So thousand pay the 10. fee to enter. half goes to wedding half to charity. Tv show is having an hour show to pick the winners. Joise mother enters for her. Her roomate enters too.
Josie does not know she been entered till her name is drawn. Maddy a friend from works help her shop and does her hair to fit in with rich crowd. one of the contest is to help plan a party for the bride. Josie winss a date with jake. he flys her to his private cabin by a lake he owns all of in his private plane. Josie really likes him and he kisses her in a field that thay are alone. So next day picture is in paper of the kiss and of her comming home with jake. so then camaras follow her everywhere. One of the bridesmaid is a stuck up modle. ones a country girl and jennifer who she really likes and bonds with.
Josie writes a journal so she won't start to change and get a big head so writes of embrassing stuff from highschool and life.  Its a cute funny romantic read.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Apr 22 Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon review

 like the story line. Its fun to see old characters from other books.too much sex scenes thouh.
wren is an orphan tigard. half weretiger and half weresnow leporard. his only real friend is marvan the monkey. he always wears his hair in dread and covering his eyes. he hardly speaks to anyone or looks them in the eyes. Wren works as busboy at scantuary. marguerite is a daughter of senator and almost done with lawschool.
Maggey and her study group go to the bar to remember missing member Nick.
Maggey and Wren meet thier is a lot of drama and they have to go back in time to prove innocent of killing his parents.  They have to deal with rich snobs. Wren's uncle tries to have him killed so they can have his money.  wren and maggey have to deal with thier different lifestyles. Its a nice story.

Apr 22 wins

The House Eaters by Aaron Polson  from library things.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Howling for my baby by beverly Rae

I enjoyed the story for most part. but too much sex detail.  Syd and her friend go to a physic she has had dreams of same guy and he turns into a warewolf.  she wants to meet him. Her father is a werewolf hunter and wants her to be in the family business.  but she is attracted to her dream guy and doesnt want to kill anything.
Jason is comming into his gym to check on the new manager with his accountant gay werewolf Benjy.  Jason is admiring a women from the back on a exersice machine which is syd. Syd turns looks at him and is startled the machine catches her shirt she falls on Jason. and rips her shirt off before it chokes her. embarress hers and gives her his shirt as he is ordered too. As she runs to the dressing room he remarks that he has just met his mate.
Later Syd takes pain pills for her bruised back and side than takes a drink of wine. her father comes in and gets her to agree to go on one hunt even though she says she wont shoot.
than jason comes after he leaves with flowers and wine.  they end in bed and he says something about them being mates she says she recongizes him too so he bit her not realizing she had combination of pills and wine. he ends up leaving to give her space to cool down.
two days later syd is on hunt with her father and runs across Jason and female who are changing somone hits the girl. she convinces her father and friend to let her finsh off the were by herself so they go after wounded girl. Syd feels like shooting him over jealousy but convinces everyone that she fately wounded him but he escaped down drain.
Syd is in process of changing into a werewolf and her mate is one and her father hates werewolfs and kills them. 
a lot of action, fights, laughter as they try and work through problems . I give 4 stars.

frustrated to tears

just want to cry.  The doctor put me on a new week in a half where you gradually get to the full dose. i have been stumbling like crazy. my eyes just want to close and memory has gone.
yesterday i went to put my dentures in and couldn't find it. now i think i kept  in the top and it was loose so i think it must of come out in the night. i have searched as much as i can but i am afraid itsgone or damaged. and i cant afford to replace it.  or maybe i took out somewhere else cant rember.  so broke need to pay credit card off before samantha mission put this semmeseter on card for a few months 0 interest till aug. i have 75 in checking and 40 another and still have to pay electric,phone. for month. social security is hard to live on. I keep praying and trying to find teeth but just want to cry. i hate side effects and probably get more medicine tommorow allready

apr 21 wins

Kikaffir - A Black Comedy by Ian Martin from library things.
Unconventional by J. J. Hebert from library things
Every last one by Anna Quindlen  came in the mail today won from Random house.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inviolate by Michael Link

as a mother of two girls I wish this world did not exist. he writes very well and it flows but not a book that I enjoyed because I know thier is too much out thier to damage our youth. If you can handle the subject its a good book to read ( ) the book is fiction and deals with a teenager who gets raped. How she and those around her cope. It effects a lot of people what one bad person does.
also shows a young girl as beeing to interested in sex before she is a teenager. Also it shows how one person has false charges how that destroys too

new to blogging

I keep winning books and posting reviews so i thought I would post them on my own blog if I can figure out what I am doing.
It is always sad to read the last book in a series. Bit it was good adventure. this book did not let down any. Horace is in fareast learn of different sword fighting style and becomes good friend and admire of The Emperor. When he is overtaken his throne by arisaka and his lies. Horace decides to flee with some of the emperor followers when a messenger comes letting theemperor know. Evelyn hears that Horace is missing and she comes to find will and halt who are in another country to help mediate peace treaty between two countries. So Will,Holt,Princess evelyn,alysa and others go to find out what happened to horace and stay to help fight for the emperor and the common people who are loyal. Its fun book. I enjoyed it and fans of the series will like it too. (