Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bride for a night by Rosemary Rogers

I thourghly enjoyed this book.
Talia's father Silas Dobson's a selfmade rich man who wants to be someone in high society. Silas has spent a lot of money on his daughter to make a marriage but the ton does not accept her or her father.
Harry is a gambler and heavy in debt the second son and Silas makes him an offer to marry his daughter and  he will give him enough money for a house and small allowance for his daughter.
Harry is a no show at his fancy wedding, he took the money and disappeared. Silas blackmails his older brother Lord Ashcombe to marry her. Gabriel marrys her in a quiet ceremony than after one night sends her to one of his homes in the country.
Talia blossoms away from her overbearing father and husband. She cares about his servants and tenets. Tries to make life better for them. The vicar jack cares for her too and when she over hears about treason. Jack kidnapps her to france before she can tell anyone.
The servants and tenets all look for her because they care and her husband back in London finds out she has been kidnapped and goes to rescue her.
Thier is a lot of rescuing each other and by others kidnapping plots and more treason. It is a good story.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Pub 09/27/2011 Harlequin

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blood Trail by Sharon Sala

The Blood Trails kept me interested the whole way through. Now I wish I had read the first 2 books in Series. But the story stands fine on its own.
When Andrew Slade's reading of his will he is on video tape telling his daughters that he is not their father in fact all 3 girls are not even sisters. He tells them how they came each one at a time and their mothers gave the girls too him and he left a journal for each daughter with all the knowledge he had from thier mothers.
Holly is left at the ranch her two sisters already took off to find out about their pasts. Holly does not want to leave the ranch because 1. She is in love with Bud but doesnt let him know. 2. Her mother thought her husband was a serial killer and after she got through telling the police she was comming back for her. Holly never heard from her mother.
Holly goes to St. Lewis and finds where she used to live, go to school. where her mom worked even found out her father was in the same job.
She finally after seeing her father at a distant went to the police and told them what she thought her father was the hunter serial killer from 20 years ago.
After listening to her they set up a task force to look into her parents lives.  Told her not to have a thing to do with her father. But its too late she has drawn his attention.
Bud is back in Montana after her two sisters have close calls with their lives he tells Holly that he loves her and stay in hotel till he comes the next day.
Its looking back to where she came from and the police going through the steps to see if she is right.
I would definately read another book from sharon sala.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB MIRA

Where all the Dead Lie by J.T. Ellison

Taylor was shot in the head on her last case. In a coma for 2 weeks. She still doesn't have a voice. They won't let her be a cop till she gets well.  She is angery at Baldwin her fiance who works for the FBI for keeping a secret that he has a son and is looking for him. She feels guilty for not saving Sam's baby and her sargent eye and girl friend.
Memphis is a detective who lives in London who is in love with her, offers her to live in his house in Scottland to heal.  He also has a friend who can work with her to help her get her voice back and get over the last case.
Baldwin has been called out of town on a case. So Taylor takes Memphis up on the offer. His old house ends up to be a castle with 17 bedrooms complete with ghosts.
Memphis likes Maddie his dr. friend at first her therapy working. Then Taylor has nightmares and sees ghost and takes too many pills. Not sure what is real or not.  Learns that Memphis wife died 1 year ago and he took her to the bridge and kissed her where the accident happened.
Its a little different from her other stories not so much detecting as coping with trauma of last case. enjoyed it.
I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB MIRA

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Heart of a Hero by barbara Wallace

Its a Reminder about all the hero's out thier who risk thier lives for are freedom and pay a high cost.Zoe buys a beach house from her mother who has let it go. Zoe moves to the island for the summer to help her get over her divorce. Zoe ex needed her money not her.
Next door neighbor wants to be left alone too. He has scars on his face and a limp. He is also the only handiman on the island.  She wants to get her chimney swept so she can have a fire to warm the nights.
Why Jake is fixing that he notices some tiles need to be replaced and bats are getting almost into her house.
Zoe can't help trying to help people, she is even a help advise in the papers. She can see that Jake has issues and she reaches out to him. Brings him a picnic on the roof, bottles of water,tries to get him to talk.
Jake has nightmares & flashbacks and feels he let his men down because he lived and they did not. He does not feel worthy to have anyone in his life, but Zoe worms her way in.
the story kept me going and not wanting to stop reading till it finshes. I liked it very much.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/06/2011 pub Harlequin

Escape from Riddler's Pass by Amy Green

Escpe from Riddler's Pass starts right after Quest for Scorpion Jewel ends.
Jesse found out why the captain Demetri has been trying to kill the King's youth guard. It is on order of the King himself. The King gathers the brightest and smartest every 5 years trains them and sends them on dangerous missions and most do not survive. King has planned this because they are the ones who might join the rebels and dispose him.
Captain Demetri is hurring to jesse home town where they had to leave Parvel. Parvel was injurred from poison arrow and Kanye was taking care of him. He had no idea that he was in danger from the patrols. Demetri feels that he can beat Jesse, Rae & Silas kill Parvel and lay a trap for them.
But the 3 of them beat him to Kanye and find out that Parvel was kidnapped by the rebels of distric 2 and taken to the deep mines.
They go after Parvel with Demetri chasing them all the way. He even knows about the cave and tunnels where the drawfs used to live in there underground city. It was destroyed 30 years ago and all the drawfs were killed. Or so they thought. Till a drawf caught them and was taking them to his new city but Jesse convinced him that a patrol was in the tunnels and would find them. So they caused a cave inn behind them.
After they escape from being kept by the drawfs they find the mines that the rebels are using and they figure out the riddles to bypass the traps.
The whole book goes from one action to another action and drama. Keeps your attention the whole way.
They learn about themselves and about their friends. risking to save each other lives. Trying to figure what the right way is. Make better choices and think of each other first.
I will read more from Amy Green in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/01/2011 PUB Warner Press

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review Quest for Scorpion's Jewel by Amy Green

I enjoyed it. Its a quick read with lots of action.  how even your faults can be assets in return. They also learned when you work together your far stronger.
We learn that Captain Demetri used to be a youth guard and how he was the only one to survive 5 years ago. Demetri has a younger brother who he loves and now he has to kill the new youth guards when they pass through his town or his brother will be killed.
Jesse lives with his aunt and uncle after his parents disappeared and works at thier inn.
Rae, Silas and thier hurt friend come to the inn for a place to rest they are afraid that Paval will die if they dont find shelter. Jesse takes them to a healer to save Paval. Jesse than risks his life to get the herbs that will save him. Paval asks Jesse to go with Rae & Silas and help them complete thier mission for the king.
they have many trials and meet friends and enemys. They pull together to finsh their quest and survive.
Its a fun adventure story geared for youth but I enjoyed it. Was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/01/2011 pub Warner press

One Perfect Shot by Steven F Havil

One perfect shot was a good book, but had trouble to get into at first. The last few books I have read have been great so that did effect how I judged this book. It was one where I could read some and then go to something else and come back to it.
Larry was shot in his grader a hard shot that instantly killed him. Bill the under sheriff is the main cop who works the case. Bill is also training a new cop Estelle Reyes, she will be their first female cop on patrol.
Thier was a lot of talk about riffles,bullets that was necessary to story but I could not keep that straight in my mind.
It shows how piece by piece they try to put the pieces together to figure what happen, how it happened, why someone shot Larry. It was good to see so much of that in the book.
Their was a lot of facts but not much to Estelle interaction that I wanted to know more about and from her. Also wanted to know about the art she thought was stolen, maybe thats for another book.
I just found out this was book 9 in a series I would like to read the other 8 books that follow in timeline book 9.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
pub.01/11/2012 by Poison Press

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Hidden Witch (A Modern Witch series book 2) by Debora Geary

I really enjoyed visting these characters and see what they have been up too.
Elorie has been training witchlings but she never got any powers of her own and she always thought that she would. Nell, Moira and sophie are back on the web looking to draw new witches in again. This time it has brought Elorie and she knows and her grandma knows she is know witch.  But what if she was and it was a new unrecongizeable power? How does it work? Are thier others out thier that have this power too and not know it.
The triplets have been fooling around with computer coding and made a mouse that tested peoples power and where they are strong and week powers show up on a computer. Gina shows it to her mother and they test it and find that thier are a few with this new power. Gina is even stronger on it than her little brother. Aervyn is back as powerful little 4 year old witch. In fact most of the cast from first book is back. As the witching world tries to figure out this new power and how does it work and what can they do with it.
Thier are a lot of witches gathered at Elorie inn to have a witch school to teach the new witchlings and figure out the new power Net power. The book is Hidden is full of friends leaning on each other and helping. Love the community feeling of this book. It kept my attention the whole time. Laughed and had tears and was touched by this book. I wish the power was real and the healing I could of used it for my stroke. I was given this ebook and asked to give honest  review.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sticks and Stones by K.J. Larsen

I had a great time reading about cat. Love her detective business name. Pants on Fire . Its a detective story,comedy and romance and family. It reminds me a little of stephanie plum stories.
Cat has a business out of Catch Liars and cheats. Her family is full of police and not all honest. Her boyfriend is FBI agent. Her family does not like FBI. She has friends who were spies and one helps protect her. Her assistant is crazy gun toting who is up for murdering her husband. Noone but Cat believes her and is trying to prove her innocent. Her family want her to quit her job and get married.
I was wrong figuring out who the murder was but I did pick one person for a bad guy Just not that murder.
She tells a good story. Keeps your attention the whole way through.  I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Pub 02/15/2012 Poison Pen Press 681 KB

IRRESISTIBLE by Stephanue Bond

4 stars
 throughly enjoyed reading Irresistible by Stephanie Bond. I laughed and did not put the book down. Its a romantic comedy.
It starts off with Ellie having a bad day. She is let go of her job. goes out to lunch think the cute guy behind the counter likes her perfume she made and is told everytime she comes in gives him a migraine. than why she is sitting at table reading what jobs are listed, she is bumped coffee all over brand new white skirt and paper. she gets mad and takes his cell phone and says goodbye to his call and gets him too pay for skirt and coffee. Then Ellie calls about a job offer for clinical study answers embrassing question about last time she had sex down month, day,hours ago and finds out the intercom was on so everyone she had worked with knows too.
Ellie gets  a commision to paint picture of the new partner at law office and its the guy who spilled the coffee on her.
Mark and Ellie are opposites and they keep getting thrown together because of  errors. So Mark's family all the women at reunion ate her , guys like her so do the children.
I really enjoy and feel happy when I was done with the book. I was given this email in exchange for honest review.
06/11/2011 pub Harlequin 266 KB

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

A little different take as most vampire books lately. I liked it, but I would rather have a more heroic lead.
Calisto used to be a spanish priest that came over to teach the natives and change thier ways. He fell in love with Tala a native and she was pregnant with his child. He confessed his sins to another Priest and told him he wanted to leave the priesthood and marry her. Tala was killed that same day and he was filled with wanting revenge. Calisto was made a night walker and told she would live again.
Kate was back home after catching her fiance with a student. So she took a leave of absent to take care of her parents house and other request they had made in thier will. Kate ran into for the second time Calisto who was a rich guy who had a charity that her mom left her piano and music with. Calisto was trying to take it slow with Kate.
The Priests that he used to belong too knew what he was and every so often tried to kill him. They did not want him to make Kate a night walker. They would rather see her dead.
One Priest wanted to be made a night walker and thought he could blackmail to get his way.
the last chapter made me wonder what will happen next and who is trying to control whom. Now I will have to wait till next book.
I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.
08/02/2011 pub entangled publishing company  452 KB

Review: Woman to wed by Penny Jordan

3 stars
Woman to wed is okay. I just had a hard time getting into the book. Which is probably my fault.
Sally fakes falling so her 3 bridesmades would save the boquet. Her step mother Clair, her best friend and her new husband's cousin all make a pact that they don't plan to get married and they will meet up in 3 months as a support group.
Clair had married her husband when she was 22 and became sally stepmom. She knew her husband was still in love with his first wife.
Clair gets bullied by her late husband's sister to take in Brad  her husband new boss from America as a border.
Brad thinks Clair is having an affair with Tim her brother-in-law. Tim and Clair have a good time sharing garden secerts is all.
Clair for the first time finds someone she is drawn to sexually. They start getting close when brad's family needs him.
Its a shorter story about family and how important the ones in our lives are.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/26/2011 Harlequin treasury

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book III GAMADIN Distant Suns by Tom Kirkbride

Well now I have read the first 4 books in the series and not in order. Recommend reading them in order because have read 4 first I knew who was still alive and little hints in other books. I Really have enjoyed reading this series. They are long books but they have a lot in each book. They are set to go back to earth when they pick up emergency cry for help 8 light years away which is about half hour in thier ship.
They rescue Quay. destroy some ships as they wait for ship to be fixed by a ocean they surf and find dinosaures in ocean and T-Rex outside the ship shields. They rescue two little tigers who grow big and fast. They take Quay home and on the way run into more bad guys. Find out Quay dad is powerful and very rich.
Riverstone, Ian, Quay and her sister Sizzle get kidnapped. Tells what happens to them where they go and how they are split apart.
Tell what happen to Harlow and all the different places they go to search for their friends and end up helping a lot along the way.
Its nonstop action with romances, friendship and doing what feels right no matter you would rather go home. Lots of different worlds,different animals. different suns, different bad guys and one Gamadin Ship that everyone wants so they can controll everyone else. Harlow not giving into anyone demands.
Highly recommend the series and cant wait till next year when book 5 comes out.
702 pages 2011 published Wigton Publishing Company

Friday, July 22, 2011

Review:The Husband She Couldn't Remember by Maggie Shayne

Its nice to visit with the Brands from Texas again. This is Ben's story. Ben kept thinking he saw his wife's ghost but everytime he went rushing where he saw her she was not thier.
The lady that was spying on Ben had no memory of who she was and why she was kept in the clinic in a coma for so long. She took the nurse's purse,credit card and flew to texas to the address she found in lining of her coat. She also stole a used car to get their. She made friends with a homeless dog oliver. When she was running away from diner she ran into Ben.  This time he knew she was real.
She now new she was Penny Brand and where she was buried. Penny did not know who kept lying to her in clinic if somone from her past wanted her gone.
Ben was glad she was alive but afraid he would loose her again from the illness she was dying from 2 years ago. Ben also knew he couldn't rush Penny's memories of him and who did he bury?
Its a charming book. I found myself getting teary in a few places, laughing in others.
I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review. Ebook 7/26/2011 Harlequin Treasury

Review: Twilight Fulfilled by Maggie Shayne

I really enjoy Maggie Shayne series twilight. I think I have read all of them. The last two are of Children of Twilight. The only child to be born of vampire was Amber lee and she had twins J.W. (James) and Brigit. Who were born with special powers. J.w. right after birth healed Brigit who was born not breathing. Brigit has power to destroy shoots a lazer from her eyes. She is known as the bad twin.
James had raised up from ashes the imortale Utana who was trapped for 5000 years, thinking he was the one to save the vampires from being wiped out. Utana actually thought he was supposed to kill all of his children the vampire because he was not supposed to share his power.
Utana stole James power to heal. He also killed many vampires. At same time it was made known about the vampire race and a lot of vampires houses and some humans were burned and died.
Brigit knew that her power was the only one that could stop Utana and she battled him till they both could not fight any more that night. Utana was wounded but stole her power. Brigit was drawn to know more about Utana and was attracted to him.
Nashmum was head of the goverment agency that has been for years killing and torchering the vampires and expermenting on them which is how Amber Lee was born. He was tricking Utana and wanted to help him kill all the vampires and the chosen people his agency had rounded up to trap the vampires.
The only problem that I had with the story is Utana was supposed to be the flood survior who took his family and animals on a boat. I was a little touchy about that.Decided to not think he was Noah just someone made up from that time frame.
I enjoyed the story and wonder if Maggie has finshed this series or where would it take them next book.
I was given the ebook in exchange of honest review.
Its release sept. 29, 2011 from Mira Books

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOW FOUND new place to get ebooks to review

In the past I won a book from librarything that came with a link to net galley to get the ebook I won for review.  well yesterday I finally thought I would sign up and see if I got any that I wanted. So I signed up for 23 books that looked good to me. 
Well few hours later I got a no because I did not show links to blog or other places showing that I review books.  Like librarything, amazon,goodreads ect. so I did as suggested.  Well thought it would be more like librarything ask for many get a few. So far in one day 17.
Plus I won 2 today from librarything.
and the blog that giving 3 ebooks a day. 8 so far.
I have plenty of books to read! Yeah love books

Review: The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford

4 stars
liked how fun and clean the book was to read. Vance Mangum has been running from his father for years. His father is evil and was turning vance too. Vance mom found out and she got Marsha to take care of Vance and protect and keep him safe.
Vance is a powerful warlock who's power started at 5years old. When he was 16 they moved again at the new school he instant he saw Portia Mullins he was tuned into her but found she was the one person that he promised to stay away from till she turned 16 and found out she was a witch too.
Two years later Portia world changed when she found out her dad, grandma and Vance were witches too in the same coven and if she joined they would be 13 members.
Portia also found out that Vance has watched over her for two years and he new she had a crush on him because he could hear her feelings and voice inside of him. Later Portia could hear and feel Vance's feelings inside her too.
But than someone tried to kill Portia and they got closer together and had a binding spell between them that was stronger than any heard of they had a hard time being apart.
It was a good story and look forward to reading more about them in the next book.
She was giving the ebook away and asked for reviews she won at least one new reader in me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Lucky Girl by Cate Lord

4 Stars
I enjoyed the romantic comedy of Lucky Girl by Cate Lord.
Jess is a writer of a beauty magazine in Florida, she is 29 and single. Her fiance 4 months ago broke up with her after he cheated on her. She is going to a cousin's wedding in England to be a maid of honor. Jess is determened to have a great time with her cousins.
At the wedding Nick is one of the bridegrooms and in the past at Jess's Grandfather funeral afterwards she was drunk and upset she was throwing up into a plant he saw and comforted her.
Jess is embrassed but flirts with him at the reception even though he is with someone else. Nick flirts back and almost Kissed her did get shaving cream on her. Her other cousins Charlotte & Anna have a good time at the wedding.  All three are single.
Jess keeps running into Nick on her vacation and gets into embrassing situations with him or caught by him. Like jess and her cousins start playing with makeup and they go wild in ways you dont put make up on each other when a knock at the door is Nick and they don't want to answer but he doesn't give up.
Or talking about him and he walks up and hears what she is saying. Or breaks his toilet seat after thinking she caught him and girl friend making out in his room at a party.
It was a good book to relax and enjoy the romance of them falling in love. Also good to see cousins having great time together.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Book 1 Gamadin: Word of Honor

5 stars loved it.
I liked this book a lot. It has adventure,heros, aliens. It makes more sense now that I have read the first and fourth book. Fourth was good on its own but it would make a lot more sense right off.
It starts on a old ruin of planet. Archelogists have discovered that thier really was a gamadin not just a fable. They are attacked and the people rescuing them only 1 got away Sook with a map to where the Gamadin ship has been for thousands of years. Right off you can see how the good guys are willing to die to protect others. Then you also see how people can kill for power and money.
Sook landed in Rosewell and a drunk minor helps to rescue Sook. Thier are 4 teenagers who are going to see if they can help to the landing  the one has first aid experience. Our Miltary just shoots anyone.
Then you see the conquors of space know that gamadin are hiding its ship on Earth and they dont want to stop expanding and taking over planets and they know if the Gamadin rise again they could stop them.
Its a wild ride through showing how the teenagers meet up with Sook. How they had to keep promises and try and get the ship off Earth to save our planet the aliens followed and left Earth. I would recommend reading the series. I am going to buy the next ones

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Concerto by Sandra Miller

4 stars
I liked it and did not want to stop still I finshed it. I was involved in the story so much that I was crying in part of it.
Chris is a violinist in the Newton Philharmonic Symphony. She joined 6 months ago to work with Alexis Brooks who was the best in world right now.  five years ago he was tried for killing his wife and got off on a tech. Most people think he got away with murder including his own father.
Chris does not believe he did it. Even with police,dr.. everyone trying to warn her.
Dwight is very jealous of Alexis scince high school. He keeps asking Chris out but she keeps saying no. He is second chair and was more involved while Alexis was not around.
Someone is terroring Chris. first with wierd phone calls than lots of faxes than paper all over front yard. drugged her tea which if she was not on phone at time she passed out would of died by allergic reaction. Takes pictures of her everywhere, emails,damaging house. Police belive its Alexis.
So Chris believes she needs to solve Alexis wife murder to stop her attacker.
Chris makes some stupid mistakes, but keeps trying to fight back. It shows a lot of how symphony works.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review:Limerick:aFaerie Tale Girl by Kimberly Spencer

4 stars
I liked it but it was too short wanted a lot more of the book. I hate having to wait to find out what happens next.
Jensen is now living with her dad in the second book.  She gets to stay in the same town. Zoe finds out about her but she also finds out about Zoe being a witch.
Zoe twin Shelby still hates Jensen. Shelby makes Liam kiss her in front of Jensen. later Shelby is kidnapped by mistake thinking that she is Zoe Jensen friend.  So they need to rescue her from Dragons.
Its magic,adventure and about friendships. I enjoyed it and want more books. I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: Storm cycle by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

5 stars
I really enjoy books that Iris and roy write together.there action,drama,technolgy,spy and updated. Not a lot of swearing or sex but well rounded stories.
Dr. Rachel Kirby is in charge of a supercomputer that gets lots of computers together when people arent using them and leads projects one for NSA and other research one for the cure of a dease her sister is dying from. Someone tries to kill Rachel. Someone else was stealing her cycles on computer through backdoors.Tavak is the genius who figured out how and uses her computer to call her when hes trapped in a pryamid with bad guys tring  to kill him. He is trying to find out all the pieces of cell regeneration that a Egyptian Dr. hundreds of years ago had and her followers hid around world. Of course the bads guys want the information anyway they can and are working for a drug company that will loose billion of dollars if they can find the cures she had. Cant put the book down.

Monday, July 11, 2011

review: Shimmerspell: a faerie tale girl by Kimberly Spencer

4 stars
I enjoyed this story and tomorrow I will read the next book in the series. Jensen is in a new school in high school living with her sister Lauren. Jensen in math class with mr. Tanner and he can always tell when she lies and picks on her. Her friend Zoe's twin sister hates her and Jensen has no idea why. To get even with her Jensen plans to break into her locker and take somthing and gets caught by Liam. All of a sudden she see Liam is wearing wings. Then she see's two more kids with wings and thinks they killed the princaple. Calls her sister on the phone for help and her sister says that she cant come home she is leaving her. Jensen has no idea whats happening all of a sudden. Liam saves her and trys to help her figure out why she can see through glamours all of a sudden. Learns about a fairy war she is in the middle of. No one trusts her and she finds it all hard to trust them.
It is a story that makes sense and I want to know more about thier world.

Review: Friends of Choice by Linda Nelson

3 stars
As a parent of two college girls this book scares me. I wish thier was no way kids would drug other kids and set them up for rape. It is written well and I appreciate the information at the end of the story.
Karla is a 16 year old when her family sells their house and moves to a bigger town two towns away. She  is not happy with her parents over it. Karla does not get along with her mom. Her mom drinks a lot and is controlling. Karla has a lot of anger.
The first day at new school she meets Carol and makes friends with her. She is suspious of Carol and friends and all the whispering around her. Karla ignores her concerns even when she finds out Carol shops lift and thinks she might take drugs.
The teenagers make a lot of bad choices and slips things too Karla that she does not know and almost kills her. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

review; Too far under by lynn Osterkemp

I thought it was a well thought at book that I enjoyed. It was a different heroine and clinet. I like Cleo she is a grief councler teachs a class, and helps people connect with dead people in a different way. Everyone is giving advice to Cleo to leave Lacy and her family alone for her benifet, but she does what she feels right not necessarly the best for herself.
Lacy is a college student who wants Cleo to help her and her sister find out who killed thier mom. Anglea wants to be the one but she is only 10 and Cleo cant  treat a minor.
All the characters interact with each other and connect to in lots of ways. its like a small town soap opera. I enjoyed the book and am going to go read the first of the series now. I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.
5 stars

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tale of Asha volume 2 by Joseph Robert Lewis

4 stars
In this second book Asha the herbalist and Priya the blind nun are still traveling around by walking on thier world of Earth.
there are 3 short stories in this volume. The first one they come upon a rundown house with 6 people living in a circle veryily alive. Durning the night a fruit plops from the holes in roof into a bowl and they awake long enough to eat the fruit than become unconsious again. Asha trys to get them to stop the eating the fruit and they tell her if they stop they get better and than die a year later.
the second story they come upon a village that has a young boy that sits under a tree in peace and still and many people come to see him and leave peacefully they thing he is Lord Buddha come alive for he doesnt eat at all and doesnt seem to alive. They go and see him and even try to get some people to help lift him so she can see if she can help. but they cant move him at all.
the third story they are asked to go to a palace and try and heal the princess. She hardly moves at all. Asha after looking hard finds out what her problem is.
at the end of this story tells why Asha hates doctors and refuses to be called one.
It is a good book and very different earth he has created. I enjoy his work. I was given the ebook in exchange for a review.