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Homecoming by Lily Everett (Billionaire Brothers #4)

Three billionaire brothers are about to discover exactly where they belong, in this romance from Lily Everett.
Billionaire brothers Dylan, Logan, and Miles Harrington have everything they could ever want…except love. Now they’re about to travel to the magical, windswept refuge of Sanctuary Island where they’ll discover that power, fame and fortune don’t mean a thing without someone to share it with.

Dylan Harrington, the infamous "Bad Boy Billionaire," decides to escape his life of scandalous escapades for some R & R on Sanctuary Island. He never expects his harmless flirtation with a waitress at the Firefly Café to make him long for a simpler life. For his brother Logan Harrington, it takes a visit to Sanctuary lsland to make him recognize his true feelings for his assistant Jessica. And when eldest brother Miles travels to Sanctuary Island to knock some sense into his love struck siblings, he doesn’t expect to be blindsided by lifelong local Greta. Can the jet-setting billionaire whisk a small-town girl away to his life of luxury…or will the homey pleasures of Sanctuary Island win him over first?
An incredible story of love, forgiveness, healing, and joy."—Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author on Sanctuary Island
File Size: 697 KB
Print Length: 351 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1250054494
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (July 29, 2014)
Series: The Billionaire Brothers

Sold by: Macmillan
Language: English

My review: Homecoming by Lily Everett (Billionaire Brothers #4)

4 stars

Homecoming is three novellas about the Harrington brothers finding romance one after another on Sanctuary Island. So knowing right off that they are short stories I shouldn't complain about it. So yeah I would be happier with longer stories. This is the only book that I have read by Lily Everett. I will read more from her in the future.

I like the three brothers. They are not close to each other. They are willing to be better at it.
Dylan Harrington is the youngest. At 8 years old he lost his parents. Then his brothers went off to college and he got sent to his grandparents. His name in press is Bad Boy Billionaire. He is tired of that life and decides to go to his grandparents house on Sanctuary Island. When he is mistaken for the handyman to fix the house he goes for it.

Logan Harrington is brought to Sanctuary Island by his assistant to get better. He is very smart but works all hours. He was 14 when his folks died and decided to enter college then.

Miles Harrington comes to Sanctuary Island to take care of Dylan wanting to get married to a waitress he has only known for three weeks. Miles took over the family business after college.

The woman they are attracted to don't want them for their money. They are strong women who also know how to forgive and love them.

I like Dylan's story the best. I would not climb that high on Empire State building. But would love to fly around New York on helicopter.

The setting is Sanctuary Island is off the state of Virginia. It is very small town feel to it. Also has wild horses on it.
This is a good book if you don't have a lot of time to read. It is a good romance.

I was given this ebook by Net Galley and St. Martin's Press and in return agreed to give honest review of it.

Mission to Murder (A Tourist Trap Mystery #2) by Lynn Cahoon

In the California coastal town of South Cove, history is one of its many tourist attractions—until it becomes deadly…
Jill Gardner, proprietor of Coffee, Books, and More, has discovered that the old stone wall on her property might be a centuries-old mission worthy of being declared a landmark. But Craig Thomas, the obnoxious owner of South Cove’s most popular tourist spot, The Castle, makes it his business to contest her claim. When Thomas is found murdered at The Castle shortly after a heated argument with Jill, even her detective boyfriend has to ask her for an alibi. Jill decides she must find the real murderer to clear her name. But when the killer comes for her, she’ll need to jump from historic preservation to self-preservation …
Publisher: eKensington (July 31, 2014)
Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: Kensington Trade (July 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1601833059
ISBN-13: 978-1601833051

About This Author

USA Today and New York Times, best-selling author, Lynn Cahoon is an Idaho native. If you’d visit the town where she grew up, you’d understand why her mysteries and romance novels focus around the depth and experience of small town life. Currently, she’s living in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. She lives with her husband and four fur babies.
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My Review: Mission to Murder (A Tourist Trap Mystery #2) by Lynn Cahoon


Mission to Murder takes place after Guidebook to Murder. Most of the characters from the first book are back plus some new ones to make it more interesting. It is a charming cast and scenery.
Full of drama, Suspense, relationships, romance, humor and a clean story. I guessed wrong on who the guilty party was but got correct the motive.

I missed the reason for one scene towards the end so I was left wondering why but that was the only complaint I had for the plot. I don't want to give the plot away to say more about that scene. The rest of the plotline worked for me.

Jill Gardner is back as the main character. She owns the local bookstore. Because of what happened in Guidebook to Murder she has more free time on her hands. She is working on the house she has, her store, and trying to get the Mission wall documented as being on her property.

I like all the secondary characters that are back surrounding Jill. Her Aunt who has a lot of ideas for her business, her friends. It really adds to the charm of the book and makes you want to come back and see what they are up to next.

Because of the Mission Wall she has made enemies of some powerful people in town. When one of them turns up dead right after she has fought with him in public she becomes the main suspect for some.

The detective in charge is Greg her boyfriend and one of the other cops in town Toby works part time for her in the coffee shop. They don't believe she is guilty but a lot of the others in town including the Mayor does.

Greg does not want her to investigate and keeps warning her.

The setting is a small tourist town of South Cove, CA right on the coast. I would love to visit the town. I would be tempted to swim at the Castle too.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it by Net Galley and Kensington Books.

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Murder at Cold Creek College by Christa Nardi Giveaway & Review

Murder at Cold Creek College

by Christa Nardi

Murder at Cold Creek College
(Cold Creek #1)
Cozy Mystery
File Size: 632 KB
Print Length: 340 pages

Sheridan Hendley is a professor and psychologist, not a sleuth. When her colleague at Cold Creek College, Adam Millberg, is murdered, she is charged with helping the Detective assigned to the case. Immediately, her good friend becomes the prime suspect and Sheridan is motivated to help solve the case and prove Kim isn’t guilty. It also becomes apparent that Sheridan is attracted to the handsome Detective. As Sheridan tries to implement the crisis plan on campus and connect all the people in Adam’s life, she finds that many women have a motive for Adam’s murder. Slashed tires are the first indication that Sheridan’s involvement is obviously making someone nervous.

About This Author
Christa Nardi is and always has been an avid reader. Her favorite authors have shifted from Carolyn Keene and Earl Stanley Gardner to more contemporary mystery/crime authors over time, but mystery/crime along with romance are her preferred choices for leisure reading. Christa also has been a long time writer from poetry and short stories growing up to technical, research, and nonfiction in her professional life. With Murder at Cold Creek College, Christa is joining many other reader/writers in writing one genre she enjoys reading – the cozy mystery. Christa Nardi is a pen name for a real life professor/psychologist from the Northeast.


Blog: Christa Reads and Writes (


My review: Murder at Cold Creek College by Christa Nardi


I kept having to put back up and down for different reasons today and was able to get right back into the story. I did not like the murdered man Adam and just felt disgusted with him and a few other characters. I just felt mostly negative feelings towards the characters.

I was impressed with all the details or getting ready for school and subject for teaching. It came across like a lot of extra time put in the book. It made the Character of Sheridan Hendley come alive for me. The characters were mostly smart educated people.
I would like to see more of Sheridan and Detective McMann and friends.

The setting for this book is small town called Cold Creek, VA, A college town.

Sheridan is asked to work with Detective McMann and show him around and help him with the contacts he will need after the murder of a Professor.

Sheridan tries to make sense of the murder and because she is seen with the detective a lot people have been doing a lot of gossiping about them. She has been targeted by someone.

This is a smart read that rather than a emotional read for me. It is also a clean read.

I would like to read more from Christa Nardi in the future.

I was given this ebook to read so I could give a honest review and be part of its blog tour.

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The Outlaw's Redemption by Renee Ryan (Charity House #6)

Who would guess the most formidable adversary former gunslinger Hunter Mitchell ever faced would be a fiery, violet-eyed female? Now that he's served his time, Hunter intends to claim the daughter he's only just discovered. While the law is on his side this time, his daughter's devoted aunt certainly isn't.

Annabeth Silks can't bear to let a onetime outlaw take little Sarah. As the daughter of an infamous madam, she knows the hardship of an unstable home. But every glimpse of Hunter's reformed character dares Annabeth to look beyond his the family and future she never thought to find
Series: Love Inspired Historical

Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Love Inspired (July 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 037382971X
ISBN-13: 978-0373829712

My review: The Outlaw's Redemption by Renee Ryan (Charity House #6)


I am reading these backwards it seems. They are still good. This is a good clean romance. It has a emotional plot, with charming young girl Sarah. The characters are a good mixed bag. Does talk about the scriptures and how they made a change.

Hunter Mitchell has spent the last two years in prison for killing the outlaw who killed his second wife. He received a letter a month before he got out saying he had a 9 year old daughter. Hunter headed right for his daughter when he was released.

Annabeth Silks has spent the last year teaching school at Charity House teaching school to be with her niece. She wants to make a life for them. Her mother wants her to go back east again.

Sarah is nine years old. She has been raised in Charity House. Her mom hid her from her husband and Aunt.

Hunter wants to turn his life around. He wants to be a father to Sarah. He also knows that her Aunt is important in her life too.

Charity House takes care of orphans or children of prostitutes. They raise them up with church and school. With lots of love too.

The setting is Denver Colorado 1890

I have at least one more book about Charity house on my kindle that I am excited to read soon.

I was given this ebook from Net Galley and Harlequin. I agreed to give honest review of it.

Beach Bags and Burglaries by Dorothy Howell (Haley Randolph #8)

Part-time sleuth and full-time fashionista Haley Randolph just won an all-expenses-paid vacay at the Rowan Resort, a ridiculously exclusive island getaway that caters to the whims of millionaires, royalty, and Hollywood A-listers. With her three BFF's--Marcie, Bella, and Sandy--along for the ride, the only thing she's missing is the Sea Vixen, the season's hottest beach bag. . .

The island has everything Haley imagined: pristine beaches, posh accommodations, and possibly Brad Pitt. But trouble soon looms on the horizon when Jaslyn Gordon, a maid at the island resort, goes missing. And while practically looting the resort for a Sea Vixen beach bag, Haley of course finds the maid--on the beach. . .and clearly dead.

Everyone at the resort says Jaslyn's death was just an accident, but Haley thinks there's a lot going unsaid. . .especially when she spots hunky FBI agent Luke Warner. He claims to be on the island only for a wedding but Haley's not buying it.

Haley's faced down clever criminals before and always come out on top, but this malicious murderer might be too crafty. And though she's dying to get her hands on a Sea Vixen, she also wants to live long enough to be seen with it!
Series: A Haley Randolph Mystery

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Kensington (July 29, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758294948
ISBN-13: 978-0758294944

My review: Beach Bags and Burglaries by Dorothy Howell (Haley Randolph #8)


This is a fun cozy mystery. This is the first Haley Randolph book that I have read. Haley is obsessed with getting the hottest beach bag. It is a clean read. It was pretty good on who was doing what crime.

Haley loves fashion. Her boyfriend had broken up with her. So she had won a vacation at resort and brought her 3 good girlfriends.
They are not going to talk about guys. She keeps a lot of secrets from her friends. Every time she turned around she was talking to different guy she was attracted to.

Haley on first day finds the missing Jaslyn body. The two detectives think that she might know more about them.
Haley is determined to find out who the murder is.

The setting for this book is a island off from California. The only way to get onto the island is from the private helicopter or the supply boat. So the murder is still on the island.

Their is a lot of mentioning history with different men in her life that is a long story so feel a little bit of lost because never read the seven other books.

It seems Haley is a little shallow the way she says one thing and does another. She keeps mentioning her want for the hottest bag, or her new clothes she put on credit cards. The way she talks about different guys in her life. How she tries to walk away from people calling her name like she does at work all the time.

It is meant to be a light hearted mystery.

I was given this ebook to read by Harlequin and Kensington. I agreed to give honest review of Beach Bags and Burglaries.

The Hexed by Heather Graham (Krewe of Hunters #13)


A place of history, secrets…and witchcraft.

Devin Lyle has recently returned to the Salem area, but her timing couldn't be worse. Soon after she moved into the eighteenth-century cabin she inherited from her great-aunt Mina—her "crazy" great-aunt, who spoke to the dead—a woman was murdered nearby.

Craig Rockwell—known as Rocky—is a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's team of paranormal investigators. He never got over finding a friend dead in the woods. Now another body's been found in those same woods, not far from the home of Devin Lyle. And Devin's been led to a third body—by…a ghost?

Her discovery draws them both deeper into the case and Salem's rich and disturbing history. Even as the danger mounts, Devin and Rocky begin to fall for each other, something the ghosts of Mina and past witches seem to approve of. But the two of them need every skill they possess to learn the truth—or Devin's might be the next body in the woods….

Series: Krewe of Hunters
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (July 29, 2014)

My review: The Hexed by Heather Graham (Krewe of Hunters #13)


I like Heather Graham's writing and love the Krewe series. This one I just did not connect to the characters as much. Could just be my mood. The suspense was good and keeps you guessing with lots of suspects. A couple of love scenes easy to skip if you want. Lots of history of Salem.

Craig Rockwell is a FBI Agent and asked to join the Krewe and work on a case near where he grew up. Thirteen years before he discover a friend murdered just like the new one in Salem. He heard his dead friend asking for help.

Devin Lyle writes children books about a witch. She just moved back home and lives in her Deceased Aunts home. She finds a new murdered women close to her house. She lives in a house in the woods that are haunted some think. She is single.

There is a murder that is just like the one 13 years ago. Details were kept secret. Now no clues are found. Everybody that was around 13 years ago and now is a suspect. Craig or Rocky suspects his friends that were with him when they found the body. There are things about the murder that draws from history of the Salem Witch trials.

One of the victims they have no idea who she was and why she was picked.

The setting is Salem. Lots of history of what life was like and what happened back at the witch trials.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review.

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Blog Tour Persona non Grata by Stephen Stirling

About the book:

Paladin Smith is in Eastern Europe- and way out of his element! Sent to war-threatened Crimea to find and bring home a rebellious former student, Paladin soon finds himself in the midst of foreign intrigues and international conspiracy. A simple task is about to turn into a political and spiritual action adventure that will alter Paladin’s life – and change the world.
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (July 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462114504
ISBN-13: 978-1462114504

About the author:

Stephen J. Stirling was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the Southeast LA semi-ghetto of Huntington Park. Graduating from high school in 1970, he received a scholarship to Brigham Young University at the age of 17. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in 1976, and then spent the next few years wandering America in search of adventure. Interspersed through his college career and days on the road, he served a mission in Chile and taught for 8 years as an early morning seminary teacher. Settling briefly in Chicago, he entered the profession of advertising, a field in which he ultimately held many positions with companies from the Mid West to the Pacific Coast. He eventually planted roots in Orange County, California, where he established Stirling Communications and spent 15 years as a freelance copywriter, scriptwriter, and video producer. In 1994 he was hired by the Church Educational System and relocated with his family to Gilbert, Arizona, where he has fulfilled a lifelong dream of teaching released-time seminary for the past 20 years. He and his wife, Diane, were married in 1981 and are the parents of five children – Jennifer, Lindsey, Brooke, Marina, and Vladimir. Brother Stirling is the author of several books, including The Ultimate Catalogue and Shedding Light on the Dark Side.

My review: Persona non Grata by Stephen Stirling


I loved it. Had to stay awake till I was done reading at 1:30 am. I like Paladin Smith. Most of the other characters too, though some I did not like which ones I was supposed too.

Persona Non Grata is a exciting adventure. LDS beliefs, and values were shared. They were also explained terms people might not know in different ink on my ARC ebook. Though the book is fiction a lot of things were right about the hot bed of trouble in the former Soviet Union. Dramatic, spiritual, action packed novel.

Paladin Smith is a seminary teacher and history teacher. He has been married for three years. I would have liked to have had him as a teacher. He cared about his students out of the classroom too. He is asked by someone he does not respect too go to Crimea and help his former student get out of trouble.

I liked how he went and talked it over with his wife and father before he decided what to do.

Paladin is not what you expect from a thriller hero. He follows his conscience and the spirit. He asks for help through prayer, he respects people and their beliefs.

The setting of the book was loosely set in Crimea. With Russia's army to go and take back the country. He started writing this 5 years ago. Before Russia really went in with its army into Crimea.

I would love to see Paladin again. If you want a good clean exciting thriller than read Persona Non Grata.

I was given this ebook to read from Cedar Fort and agreed in return to give honest review of it and be part of its blog tour.


From author: This excerpt is the book’s prologue. Any explanation would betray the test of the passage: Can it stand alone? Hopefully, it not only does so but intrigues the reader to want to read more.

The American stood erect on the forward deck of the Russian yacht. Cloaked in the shadows of the night, he stared silently over the dark expanse of the Black Sea. Impeccably attired in a dinner tuxedo, he wore the confident expression of a man in control of his world—with the cynical smile of one who intended to retain that control at any cost. He laughed softly to himself and gripped the railing. Under his feet the yacht churned at leisure through the water as waves lapped against the bow. Breathing deeply of the Crimean air, he felt himself at one with the luxury craft—the perfect blend of elegance, power, and heartless drive.

He shifted his weight ever so slightly as the yacht rocked on the surface of the water. Like himself, the ship had no sympathies or loyalties. Built of cold steel and lifeless wood, it was designed for self-indulgence, pleasure, and the display of ambitious superiority. And anything that lay in its course beyond the bow it would crush and send sinking to the bottom of the sea. He smiled again and peered contemptuously into the black distance, defiant of anything that would come into his path.

Behind him a steward cleared his throat. “Sir, the secretary will see you now.”

The American turned emotionlessly and walked past the steward to the staterooms. He knew his way to the cabin occupied by the Russian official who waited for him. He opened the door and entered without knocking.

A distinguished, gray-haired Russian stood behind a large desk. He was only slightly surprised at the insolent air of his American guest. “Mr. Ambassador,” he greeted him without smiling. “Sit down, please. I apologize for not welcoming you sooner. I’ve been on the telephone with our patron.”

The Ambassador nodded and sat in a cushioned chair. “Please relay my compliments to your president. His yacht is magnificent. I’ve been admiring the horizon.”

“Indeed?” The man behind the desk cocked an eyebrow. “What horizon can you possibly appreciate at midnight?”

The guest smiled. “I’ve learned that the cover of darkness always provides a superior view, providing one knows precisely what lies in the waters ahead.”

“You come to the point quickly,” said the Russian, taking his seat. “That is, of course, the reason I am here—to verify that we do know what is just ahead. We venture into perilous ‘international’ waters.”

The American leaned forward. “Mr. Secretary, our course is perfectly set. We know exactly where our vessel is going. Every detail of our voyage has been flawlessly arranged.”

“As per our discussions, I am sure.” The secretary shifted in his chair. “Your services and contacts have been invaluable. My president merely wants to make sure that there will be no interference from NATO or from the United States.”

“Your president should know better,” the visitor soothed. “He is well aware how the wind blows in America these days. There will be no intervention from the United States, the United Nations, or anyone else. In seven days the Russian Federation will be some two percent larger than it is today. And I will be some five hundred percent richer than I am today. But how uncouth! Who can put a price tag on patriotism or other noble aspirations of the heart?”

The Russian was stoic. “Setting aside the American sarcasm, my friend, Alexander Trotsky seeks a final assurance that we will encounter no unforeseen obstacles.”

“You may give Alexander Trotsky my personal pledge,” said the American as he casually lit a cigarette. “Every element in our little drama is in place—like the pieces of a brilliantly played game of chess. The checkmate is certain. There is no man on earth and no power in the universe that can stand in our way.”

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Swan Point by Sherryl Woods (The Sweet Magnolias #11)


#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods draws readers back into the world of strong friendships and heartfelt emotions in Serenity, South Carolina

Determined to build a new life for her family after her divorce, Adelia Hernandez has bought a home in the historic Swan Point neighborhood of Serenity. Promoted to manager of Main Street's most fashionable boutique, she feels revitalized and ready for a fresh start as a single mom. But barely into this new independent phase, she crosses paths with the sexiest man to hit Serenity in years.

Gabe Franklin, back in town to make amends for past mistakes, has no intention of settling down, but Adelia's proving irresistible. Cheered on by their friends, "the Sweet Magnolias," Gabe is bringing long-absent passion and laughter into Adelia's life. To his surprise—and hers—sometimes a rolling stone is just what it takes to build the rock-solid foundation of a family.

"Woods' readers will eagerly anticipate her trademark small-town setting, loyal friendships, and honorable mentors as they meet new characters and reconnect with familiar ones in this heartwarming tale." —Booklist on Home in Carolina
Series: A Sweet Magnolias Novel (Book 11)

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (July 29, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0778316424
ISBN-13: 978-0778316428

My Review:Swan Point by Sherryl Woods (The Sweet Magnolias #11)


Swan Points has a community of characters that I really like. It also has lots of gossip, everybody knows what you are up to. Some times it is helpful others it does a lot of harm. It deals with divorce and abuse. I like the plot. it is full of drama, relationships and romance. It is also a clean read.

Adelia Hernandez is Catholic and newly divorced. Her family is not too supportive of her getting a divorce. She has four children. She works in a store on Main street that sells clothes. She just bought a old home called Swan Point that needs some work.

Gabe Franklin has come back to his hometown to work for his cousin as a contractor. He was a troubled teen always getting into fights over protecting his mom. People would gossip about her and it might have been true but he still did not like hearing about it.

I really like Adelia's four children. She has three daughters and one son. They want attention from a father in their lives.

I think divorce is too easy to get now days and people find it just easy to give up. But in cases like Adelia where her husband does not want to try and work it out. Having affair after affair and flaunting in front of his children then the marriage is over or in the case of abuse.

I like how the women of the town are supporting of each other and willing to help where they can. They might gossip but they don't mean to be mean.

The setting for the book is a small town called Serenity, North Carolina. I would like to visit
Serenity and see all my favorite characters again.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give a honest review of the Swan Point.

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The Husband Maker by Karey White

The Husband Maker by Karey WhiteThe Husband Maker by Karey White

Charlotte’s a girl with nicknames. She may not love being called Charles or Chuck, but the hardest nickname to take is the one she was given in collew ge, the one that’s followed her now for too many years. They call her “the husband maker” and sadly, it fits. Every guy she’s dated since high school has become his next girlfriend’s husband. Not hers. Not three girlfriends down the road. The next.

Is she doing something wrong or is she just cursed?

When Kyle Aldsworth enters the picture and sweeps her off her feet, Charlotte begins to hope that maybe she’s not destined to be single forever. A senator’s son with political aspirations of his own, Kyle’s wealthy, handsome, and in need of a wife. Will Charlotte be disappointed yet again, or will she finally be able to make a husband for herself?

Author Karey White

Karey White grew up in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Missouri. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University. Her first novel, Gifted, was a Whitney Award Finalist.

She loves to travel, read, bake treats, and spend time with family and friends. She and her husband are the parents of four great children. She teaches summer creative writing courses to young people and is currently working on her next book.

My review: The Husband Maker by Karey White


This is the first book out of three, so I knew it would not wrap up all tidy. But I really wanted it too. I will be wanting the next two books. I know what I want to happen but who knows what the next book is.

I was into the characters and even shed some tears along with them. The main character is Charlotte. Charlotte has dated a lot of guys and when she breaks up with them the next girl they date they end up marrying. Is the oldest of three, even if it is only 10 minutes older than her twin brother.

Kyle Aldsworth is older than Charlotte. He comes from a money and politics background. He is a fun date. His father is a senator.
Their dates are interesting. He works for the family business.

People behind Charlotte's back are calling her the husband maker. Which hurt her when she over hears gossip about her in the bathroom at a old boyfriend's wedding. Their are a lot of jokes about her boyfriends.

The setting for the book is San Francisco, CA

I laughed, cried and enjoyed the book. It is a clean read. It is a fast read, but leaves you wanting more now. I am glad I am not dating right now.

I was given this book for review and in exchange agreed to give honest review of it. All opinions are mine.

Operation Zulu Redemption: Out of Nowhere - Part 2 by Ronie Kendig


Part 2 of a Brand-new 5-part Serial Novel!

Zulu races around the world fighting for answers—and their lives! The remnant of the first all-female Special Forces team, Zulu, will do whatever it takes to determine what really happened that night five years ago—when a trap entangled the team in the deaths of twenty-two innocent people in Misrata, Libya. With Lieutenant Colonel Trace Weston and Boone Ramage leading the way, Annie Palermo, Téya Reiker, and Nuala King are training harder and stronger, digging deeper for clues, and tracking down leads in the U.S. and Europe to clear their names. Former Navy SEAL Sam Caliguari refuses to believe Annie left of her own free will, not after what they shared. But his determination and efforts to find her have put Zulu at greater risk of being discovered—and eliminated—before they can find the truth. Francesca Solomon is determined to bring down Trace Weston, whom she believes is responsible for the tragedy in Misrata, for ruining her father’s career, and for tarnishing her family’s good name. When a source gives her pivotal information, Francesca leaps at the chance to make Trace answer for his crimes. Just when things start to turn for Zulu, a member of the team is targeted by one of the world’s deadliest assassins. Then another vanishes. Zulu wants the truth, but they didn’t know it might cost every one of their lives.

Start the mission with Operation Zulu Redemption: The Beginning and then don't miss any of these extended length 240 page episodes....
Available Now -- Operation Zulu Redemption: Collateral Damage -- Part 1
July 25 -- Operation Zulu Redemption: Out of Nowhere -- Part 2
August 1 -- Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty -- Part 3
August 8 -- Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason -- Part 4

Ronie Kendig will leave you needing the next!

My review: Operation Zulu Redemption: Out of Nowhere - Part 2 by Ronie Kendig


I had to wait two weeks for this book. I saw a email telling me I could get it and I put the book down I was reading and started this one, I know it is going to end in cliffhangers but I was surprised again. I was not ready to put the story down for another week.

I like how in front of the story they introduce the cast of characters again, their real name, the fake one they have been living under for past 5 years. When they are on a mission they get a number too. Plus some military terms and meanings. I have one kindle open and stay on names if I want to remember something about them while I read on different Kindle fire.

So Out of Nowhere does answer the cliffhangers from previous episode. With new ones they end on. Not just one, but cliffhangers. It is full of drama, action, suspense and danger. I just wonder how this will all be solved and turn out in the end. You are not sure who to trust.

Five years their was a special ops team trained of females. They were sent in with bad information and women and children died. A General was kicked out. The Zulu team was disbanded and were given fake id. and told to stay away from each other to be safe.

LTC Trace Weston has been searching to find out what really happened and why his team he trained were used. Now some assassins
killed two Zulu members, another is in the hospital in a coma. The remainder are ready to find out why now someone wants them dead.

This is a clean read but lot of violence and sad slums areas. It makes it a hard read to know people are having tough times. Ronie Kendig draws on your emotions. You care and worry about the characters. Talk about the characters and wonder how it is all going to turn out. Their are a few different story lines that I really wonder about especially Teya's. She was ready to join the Amish religion and let David court her. Now she is back as a soldier.

Annie has a neighbor who wants to date her Sam a US Navy Seal looking for her and putting her picture out on the internet looking for her.

The setting for this episode has them in Virginia, Paris and Greece.

I will be waiting for the next episode.

I was given this ebook to read from Net Galley and Barbour Publishing, Inc. Shiloh Run Studios

Blog tour: ‘The Dreamosphere’ by Laura Stoddard

About the book:

What if dreams don’t disappear when we wake up? Haunted by her sister’s death, Gwen Stoker takes solace in her web of dreams—the Dreamosphere. But when someone begins destroying it, Gwen must find the culprit—or risk losing all her happy thoughts and feelings forever! Dreams come to life in this fantastical children’s tale!
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Sweetwater Books (July 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146211444X
ISBN-13: 978-1462114443

About the author:

Laura Stoddard was born in Idaho, and spent her formative years running amok in the great outdoors. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. After being rejected by the Masters creative writing program, she decided to focus her attention on finishing the story she’d been tinkering with for several years. The finished result is “The Dreamosphere,” her debut novel. Stoddard enjoys hiking, rowing, and volunteering, and currently writes for a travel magazine. She and her cat, Scheherazade, live in Phoenix.


​Book Trailer:

My review: The Dreamosphere’ by Laura Stoddard


Gwen Stoker is a character that at first does not seem likable, in fact she goes out of her way to be mean. Then you learn about her past and she changes your mind. How easy it is to judge a person wrong without getting to know them. Gwen feels guilty for her sister's death. That would be hard to loose a sister for anyone. I like Gwen and admire her.

There are a few characters in this book that I have made snap judgments on and later change my mind. Most of the characters are children. They are going through hard emotional times in their lives.

Gwen escapes into books and dreams. She can recall her dreams with a lot of detail, she even journals her dreams. Tabitha comes into her dreams and helps her and warns her that she needs to protect her dreams. So they search her dreams looking for the center that they need to protect. Gwen realizes that someone is out to destroy her and others like her by taking their dreams.

My favorite part of the dreams is the cowboy potato who saves people from the chickens. Dreams can really be weird. I don't want to go into other dreams. Would you want to?

I love how the kids work together to protect each other.

This was fun to read, a little scary, also had some tough subjects like loosing a sister, divorce, bullies and people who you can't trust.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it.


"What do you think happens to your dreams after you wake up?"

Gwen shrugged distractedly, too disoriented by her sudden arrival in the remarkable setting to focus. "I dunno. They disappear?"

The unblinking gray eyes of her young companion flashed as she leaned forward. "Incorrect. Every dream you've ever had still exists. All of them. They reside in a dimension called the Dreamosphere. It's where we are right now, as a matter of fact. Each dream basically exists as its own world, or dream-orb. There are thousands and thousands of them, connected like drops of dew on a gigantic spider web. Every dream you've ever had, Gwen. They're all up here. And you can visit them any time you want."

Tabitha, the enigmatic child who shares this information, has some even more shocking news. Gwen’s dreamosphere is in danger. Someone has been hacking into it—destroying her dream orbs, erasing pieces of her past, and affecting Gwen in more ways than she realizes. Together, Gwen and Tabitha travel through the outlandish landscape of Gwen’s dream worlds to find the person responsible. What will happen to Gwen when all her dreams are gone? What critical clues lie within the pages of her dream journal? And what does Edgar Allan Poe have to do with it all?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wildflower Bride in dry creek by Janet Tronstad (Dry Creek #21)

Marry a secure businessman, or become a bunkhouse cook for twenty hungry cowboys on a cattle ranch? When Angelina Brighton chooses the ranch, she runs from the wedding her billionaire father arranged. Angelina won't marry a man she doesn't love. Then along comes former special ops soldier Tyler Stone, barreling into Dry Creek to bring her back home. Or so she thinks.But Big Sky country is full of surprises for everyone—especially for a faithful gal and rugged cowboy who discover what home really means

My review: Wildflower Bride in dry creek by Janet Tronstad (Dry Creek #21)


I laughed a lot in this story. The characters are good people. The plot was funny.
Angelina Brighton came to Dry Creek to plan a memorial for Tyler who died as a special Ops. Or so she told his family. He was actually MIA but a mixed up happened.

Tyler had lost contact with his family. He has no idea what has been happening in their lives lately. Tyler knows their can not be a future between them.

Angelina is a heiress. Tyler is a year older and was hired as a bodyguard who could fit into high school. They were close. Tyler saved her life. She has a crush on him and thought if she came here and have a memorial she could get over him.

This is a clean uplifting story. I have read a few books in the series and have like them. Does talk a lot about scriptures, prayers and church.

I bought this ebook on Amazon.

Whack Job by Kendel Lynn ( An Elliott Lisbon Mystery #2)


Elliott Lisbon blends her directorship of the Ballantyne Foundation with her PI-in-Training status by planning parties and performing discreet inquiries for charitable patrons. But when the annual Wonderland Tea Party makes everyone go mad as a hatter, Elli gets pulled into a shooting, a swindle, and the hunt for a Fabergé egg.

From seedy pawn parlors to creepy antique shops, Sea Pine Island’s other half prove to be as wacky as the wealthy. Elli falls farther down the rabbit hole and finds a scheming salesman, a possessive paramour, a dead donor—everything but a bottle labeled “Drink Me.” As events evolve from curious to crazy, Elli gets lost in the maze and finds herself trapped in a house of cards with a killer.
Series: An Elliott Lisbon Mystery

Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: Henery Press; First edition (May 13, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 194097612X
ISBN-13: 978-1940976129

My review: Whack Job by Kendel Lynn ( An Elliott Lisbon Mystery #2)

4 stars

This is fun mystery that gets really dirty or at least Elliott is always getting into trouble. You never know what will happen next. She starts out to meet a client to find something from him when he gets shot in front of her. The characters are a mixed bunch. Lot of them are rich. Elliott works with them for both jobs. Whack Job is a good title for this crazy story. It is entertaining mystery.

Elliott Lisbon wants to be a PI. She is smart, has a talent for making messes. Her boss wants to have her help a Gilbert Goodsen find his Faberge egg. She is also having a Wonderland Tea Party for sick kids and their doctors. Elliot does not handle blood and germs very well.

Detective Ransom keeps telling her to stay out of his murder case. Back when they were in college he broke Elliott's heart.

Gilbet is a insurance agent. He is going through a messy divorce and thinks his wife stole the egg. He seems to be falling apart.

The setting is Sea Pine Island, South Carolina.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to write honest review of it. Received the ebook from Net Galley and Henery press.

Benotripia: Keys to the Dream World by Mckenzie Wagner Blog tour and Review

About the book:

Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro are back! Roseabelle and her friends have retrieved the Stones of Horsh, but now the only way to save themselves is to destroy the Darvonians’ power source, hidden deep within a dark island. Return to the magical land of Benotripia in this thrilling conclusion to Roseabelle’s adventures!

Keys to the Dream World blog tour
Series: Benotripia

Paperback: 169 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (July 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462114350
ISBN-13: 978-1462114351

About the author:

Mckenzie Wagner is 13 years old and has adored reading since she was four. Her love of books inspired her to write a book of her own, and she completed the first book of The Magic Wall series, “The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket,” at age seven and the second book, “The Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin,” shortly thereafter. With her new series, Benotripia, she has now expanded her writing to appeal to kids of all ages. She wishes to obtain an English degree and continue her path as an author. She currently resides in Utah with her mom, dad, and brother, Ty.

My Review: Benotripia: Keys to the Dream World by Mckenzie Wagner


Today I have read all three books in Benotripia series and I am impressed with them. They are exciting, easy to follow, good imagination fun characters, epic battles between countries. Just magical. I was thoroughly entertained.

McKenzie Wagner is a talented teenager. Now at the age of 13 her third and final book of Benotripia is published and well written.

Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro are the three main good characters of the series. They are good friends in Benotripia. By them working together they accomplish a lot.

Roseabelle we learn how come she has so many more powers than most. We also learn about her father and what happened to him.
One of Roseabelle talents is she can draw anything and make it real. Her mother is the leader of Benotripia. Her father disappeared when she was a baby.

Jessicana is a healer and can turn into a parrot.

Astro can shoot lightning out of his fingers.

All three of them can fight with weapons. They have courage to do what is needed and care about their friends and Nation.

Darvonians are a people who want to conquer Benotripia. They are on another island close by. The three children have fought with them in the first two books. Now they find out about a third island nation that the Darvonians have already taken over.
There is a way that Roseabelle can defeat them for good but it is dangerous.

This series of three books are aimed for elementary and middle school age. But they can be enjoyed by anyone. I know I enjoyed them.
They are also clean stories.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest opinion about the books for review and be part of it's blog tour.

My reviews of Benotripia The Rescue can be found here.

Benotripia The Stones of Horsh

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos by Janette Rallison Book Blast $50 Amazon or Paypal Cash

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos Book Blast


Son of War

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos

Aislynn is accustomed to watching for the enemy. Her parents instructed her from the time she was young to look for the signs: people with greater than normal strength, eyes that can glow green, and have the ability to jump long distances. Over the years, Aislynn has come to view her parents’ fears as quirks—things that get in the way of having a normal high school life.

When Aislynn’s mother dies under suspicious conditions, her father doubles his restrictions. But all his precautions can’t stop the boy with glowing green eyes from finding Aislynn. She realizes too late she’s been drafted into an ancient Egyptian war, whether she’s prepared or not.

This looks like it would be good to read. I have added it to my list of books that I want to read. Have you put it in your To be read pile yet?



Son of War Daughter of Chaos Blog TourBlog Tour Schedule

Janette RallisonAuthor Janette Rallison

Janette Rallison is old. Don’t ask how old, because it isn’t polite. Let’s just say she’s older than she’d like to be and leave it at that.

Janette lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, five children and enough cats to classify her as “an eccentric cat lady.” She did not do this on purpose. (The cats, that is; she had the children on purpose.) Every single one of the felines showed up on its own and refuses to leave. Not even the family’s fearless little Westie dog can drive them off.

Since Janette has five children and deadlines to write books, she doesn’t have much time left over for hobbies. But since this is the internet and you can’t actually check up to see if anything on this site is true, let’s just say she enjoys dancing, scuba diving, horse back riding and long talks with Orlando Bloom. (Well, I never said he answers back.)

Website * Facebook * Twitter


book blast button


This is one contest that I would love to win. How about you? What would you buy if you pick Amazon gift card? Or would you take the Paypal cash? Would you spend it right away or save it?

I would take the Amazon Gift card and add it to my money towards to kindle fire.

Blast Giveaway

$50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

Ends 8/17/14

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the publisher. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore $25 Amazon or Paypal Cash giveaway, & review

MBecoming Lady Lockwood

Amelia Beckett is delighted to be a widow. Married by proxy to a man she’d never met, Amelia recognizes that a fortuitous entry into widowhood frees her from meddlesome chaperones and matchmakers. Heiress to her mother’s sugar plantation in Jamaica, she happily anticipates working in a man’s world, with the additional credibility of her new title: Lady Lockwood. But with the arrival of Captain Sir William Drake, her plans quickly go awry . . . William has traversed the Atlantic with one purpose. If he cannot prove that Amelia’s marriage to his brother was a fraud, she will be entitled to a sizeable portion of his family’s estate. He is determined to return this duplicitous Lady to London for an official hearing, and he carries with him a letter that will ensure her cooperation . . . Left with no choice, Amelia joins the captain on his return voyage to England, and the two quickly find that ship life does not allow for evasion. Amelia and William are ceaselessly thrown together, and amidst fierce storms and ocean battles, what began as antipathy seems to be evolving quite unexpectedly. But as they draw ever closer to their destination, will the impossibility of their circumstances shatter any hope of a future together?

Praise for Becoming Lady Lockwood

“Moore does a lovely job of showcasing sizzle in this must-read for fans of regency and historical romance.” ~ Foreword Reviews

Author Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is a Passionate reader and writer of all things romance, helping her find balance with the rest of her world, which includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that are anything but romantic. Jennifer has a BA in linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family. You can learn more about her at The author’s first book, Becoming Lady Lockwood, is a regency romance centered on the British navy during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 1800s.

My review: Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore


I was kept up to early this morning finishing Becoming Lady Lockwood. I loved the time spent on the ship. It was interesting and well told. We learn a lot because Amelia was so curious and wanted to be useful.

The time in England was the weakest part in my eyes. It felt a little rushed.

Amelia Beckett is a strong character, brave, caring and a hard worker. She is also beautiful inside and out. Amelia grew up on a sugar plantation in Jamaica. She was married by contract to Lord Lockwood but never met him.

Captain Sir William Drake believes that Amelia and her father the Admiral conspired to cheat his estate. He is bringing her to England to find out.

The setting for most of the book is sailing from Jamaica to England in a time when France and England are at war. They are traveling in a military ship. There orders were to go in Frances water.

There was lots of drama, action, romance and interesting characters. It is also a clean read. I did not put the book down till I had finished. I like how the story was told it got your attention from the first chapter and kept it. The story seemed to just flow.
Of course there were a lot of the story you knew would happen and some things were a surprise.

Based on this book alone I would read more by Jennifer Moore in the future.

I was given this book to read so I could give my honest opinion of it and be part of its blog tour.

Excerpt #1

William placed his right hand on the small of her back and pulled gently with his left hand, leading her in a simple series of steps, which she quickly mastered. She focused her eyes on the captain’s shoulder where her hand rested tentatively. He moved lightly, but her movements were stiff. She was afraid of relaxing when he was practically holding her in his arms.

After a few turns around the room, Amelia felt her tension ease. The music was beautiful, and Captain Drake had a way of drawing her across the floor as if she was floating. When she finally braved a glance at his face, she met his eyes, and her nervousness returned.

“And is your punishment so dreadful, Miss Becket?” he asked. “I have yet to see you smile.”

Amelia allowed herself a small smile. “It is a very nice punishment indeed, sir. Is it one you utilize regularly?”

“Perhaps I shall, if you believe it will keep the men in line.”

Amelia laughed. “I do not know what they would think if you waltzed with each sailor who failed in his duty.”

“I imagine it should be quite effective at discouraging rule breaking, don’t you?” William looked thoughtful, as if considering the idea.

“Perhaps. Until some of the men develop a taste for waltzing. You might begin to worry when the same men continually require discipline.”

William laughed. Amelia had only heard his laugh a very few times and found she quite liked it. Especially knowing she was the one who had inspired it. She also realized that the sound had caused her heart to trip ever so slightly, and to her dismay, she found that she quite liked that as well. She lowered her eyes, suddenly finding the gold buttons on the captain’s coat fascinating. She was extremely aware of the captain’s arm, the way it wrapped around her, and his hand resting on her lower back. The hand that held hers was strong, and she felt each movement of his fingers and the subtle tightening around her own hand. And had he always had such a pleasant smell?

Blog Tour Giveaway

$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

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Tour Schedule

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July 25th
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Sweeping Me – Spotlight

July 29th
The Muse Unleashed – Review
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Pretty Girls Read Books – Spotlight
Min Reads & Reviews – Review
Little Whimsy Books – Review

The Amish Blacksmith by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner (The Men of Lancaster County #2)


New from bestselling authors Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner, The Amish Blacksmith (Book 2 in The Men of Lancaster County series) explores the men of an Amish community in Lancaster County, how their Amish beliefs play out in their unique roles, and the women who change their lives.

Apprenticed blacksmith Jake Miller is skeptical of Priscilla Kinsinger’s innate ability to soothe troubled horses, especially when he has own ideas on how to calm them. Six years earlier, Priscilla’s mother died in an awful accident at home, and Priscilla’s grief over losing her mother was so intense that she was sent to live with relatives in Indiana. She has just returned to Lancaster County.

Not that her homecoming matters to Jake, who is interested in courting lighthearted Amanda Shetler. But Jake’s boss is Priscilla’s uncle, and when the man asks Jake to help his niece reconnect with community life, he has no choice but to do just that. Surprisingly, he finds himself slowly drawn to the beautiful but emotionally wounded Priscilla.

Jake then determines to prove to her that it’s not her fault her mother died, but what he discovers will challenge everything they both believe about the depth of love and the breadth of forgiveness.

File Size: 909 KB
Print Length: 352 pages
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (August 1, 2014)

My review: The Amish Blacksmith by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner (The Men of Lancaster County #2)


This is a little different that the main character was a Amish guy. I liked reading it and was sad when I had finished reading it. I wanted more. Wanted to know what happens next in his life. I was interested in there lives, I cared about the characters. It is a clean book.

Jake Miller was a apprentice blacksmith. He was courting Amanda Shetler. He wanted to work on the side to help people with horse problems. He was living in a guest cottage and fixing it up for rent. He was laid back and happy with his life.

Priscilla Kinsinger has come back to her home. Her Mother died six years ago and she has not been back since. She loves the horses. Her family wants her to fit in and stay. So they asked Jake and Amanda to help her reconnect to those single in the area. She would rather be with the horses.

Amanda Shetler was determined to be a matchmaker for Priscilla and help her to meet the Amish community.

I loved hearing about their Amish lifestyle, working with the horses, how they both had to work through issues that affected them from years ago. Romance angle was lite. They shared scriptures to uplift and help each other through letters.

I would read more of the series the Men of Lancaster. The setting was Lancaster Amish settlement modern day.

I was given this ebook to read and agreed to give honest review of it in return.

The Oleander Sisters by Elaine Hussey


An emotionally riveting tale of the bonds of family and the power of hope in the sultry Deep South

In 1969, the first footsteps on the moon brighten America with possibilities. But along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a category five storm is brewing, and the Blake sisters of Biloxi are restless for change. Beth "Sis" Blake has always been the caretaker, the dutiful one, with the weight of her family's happiness—and their secrets—on her shoulders. She dreams of taking off to pursue her own destiny, but not before doing whatever it takes to rescue her sister.

Emily Blake, an unwed mother trying to live down her past, wants the security of marriage for the sake of her five-year-old son, Andy. But secure is the last thing she feels with her new husband. Now she must put aside pride, and trust family to help her find the courage to escape.

With Hurricane Camille stirring up havoc, two sisters—each desperate to break free—begin a remarkable journey where they'll discover that in the wake of destruction lies new life, unshakable strength and the chance to begin again. Dreams are reborn and the unforgettable force of friendship is revealed in The Oleander Sisters, an extraordinary story of courage, love and sacrifice.
Paperback, 352 pages

Expected publication: July 29th 2014 by Harlequin MIRA

My Review: The Oleander Sisters by Elaine Hussey


This is not your everyday romance novel from Harlequin. It is a powerful novel in a lot of ways. Deals with strong woman characters. With abuse, single mothers, dreams, natural disaster, hurricane Camille.

The setting for this book is 1969 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

They watch man step onto the moon and it makes a little boy dream of building a rocket out of boxes and going to the moon. Andy is only five. He is darling and will still your heart. I love all the people helping him dream.

Emily Blake got pregnant in high school. The father ran off to war instead of doing what is right. Now she is engaged to be married and her son will have a new father. She has taken over a lot of the baking and cooking at the café now.

Beth "Sis" Blake is the oldest of the three children. After their parents were killed in a car accident they were raised by their grandma. Beth is a plain woman and never expects to get married. She is their taking care of her family.

Jim comes home wounded from the war. Mentally and physically. He is Emily's twin.

Sweet Mama owns a pie shop & café. Her husband left her to raise her own sons. Then she raised her grandchildren. Now she is forgetting things and trying to hide it.

Beulah is her best friend for years. Her husband brought her home to be a maid before the depression. They have lots of secrets over the years. She loves the Blake family and will do anything for them.

This book is full of drama, secrets, and love for each other as they go through trials in their lives.

This is my first book I have read of Elaine Hussey but I would read another book from her based on this book.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin. In return I agreed to give a honest review of it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Gold-Diggers, Gamblers and Guns by Ellen Mansoor Collier

Gold-Diggers, Gamblers and Guns: A Jazz Age Mystery #3
Cozy Mystery
File Size: 790 KB
Print Length: 268 pages
Publisher: DecoDame Press; 1 edition (May 18, 2014)



During Prohibition, Galveston Island was called the “Free State of Galveston” due to its lax laws and laissez-faire attitude toward gambling, gals and bootlegging. Young society reporter Jasmine (Jazz) Cross longs to cover hard news, but she’s stuck between two clashing cultures: the world of gossip and glamour vs. gangsters and gamblers.

After Downtown Gang leader Johnny Jack Nounes is released from jail, all hell breaks loose: Prohibition Agent James Burton’s life is threatened and he must go into hiding for his own safety. But when he’s framed for murder, he and Jazz work together to prove his innocence. Johnny Jack blames her half-brother Sammy Cook, owner of the Oasis speakeasy, for his arrest and forces him to work overtime in a variety of dangerous mob jobs as punishment.

When a bookie is murdered, Jazz looks for clues linking the two murders and delves deeper into the underworld of gambling: poker games, slot machines and horse-racing. Meanwhile, Jazz tries to keep both Burton and her brother safe, and alive, while they face off against each other, as well as a common enemy. A soft-boiled mystery inspired by actual events.

About The Author

Ellen Mansoor Collier is a Houston-based freelance magazine writer and editor whose articles and essays have been published in a variety of national magazines. Several of her short stories have appeared in Woman’s World. During college summers, she worked as a reporter for a Houston community newspaper and as a cocktail waitress, both jobs providing background experience for her Jazz Age mysteries.

A flapper at heart, she’s worked as a magazine editor/writer, and in advertising and public relations (plus endured a hectic semester as a substitute teacher). She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Magazine Journalism and served on UTmost, the college magazine and as president of WICI (Women in Communications).

FLAPPERS, FLASKS AND FOUL PLAY is her first novel, published in 2012, followed by the sequel, BATHING BEAUTIES, BOOZE AND BULLETS, released in May 2013. She lives in Houston with her husband and Chow mutts, and visits Galveston whenever possible.

“When you grow up in Houston, Galveston becomes like a second home. I had no idea this sleepy beach town had such a wild and colorful past until I began doing research, and became fascinated by the legends and stories of the 1920s. Finally I had to stop researching and start writing, trying to imagine a flapper’s life in Galveston during Prohibition.”




My review: Gold-Diggers, Gamblers and Guns: A Jazz Age Mystery #3


This is a wild time during Prohibition when the mobs are gaining power. A lot of policeman were on the take because they liked the money or did not believe in Prohibition. Their were two main gangs who were fighting for power on Galveston Island, TX.

In some ways I agree with Prohibition and other ways I don't. I personally don't drink, for religion reasons also my family has a history of abusing it.

The characters I like. They seem real to me. I never knew who to trust and who you could not trust.

Jasmine (Jazz) Cross is a young society reporter who wants to do hard news. She is also a half-sister to Sammy Cook, a owner of a speakeasy. She is dating Prohibition Agent James Burton. She is torn between the two sides.

Sammy Cook owns Oasis. He tries to stay on both mobs good side. He does not want it known that Jazz is his half sister. They only found out the last couple of years. Downtown Gang leader Johnny Jack Nounes is causing him to run dangerous errands for him.

James Burton is the only fed on Galveston Island. The police resent him. Someone wants to kill him. He is also framed for murder.

Jazz tries to help Burton and Sammy. Only a few people know why she is always concerned about her friend Sammy. How she always can get into his club the Oasis. Jazz really wants Burton to ask her to the policeman ball.

Lots of drama, choosing sides, action, and romance as they try to figure out who is trying to kill Burton and frame him for murder.
Which cops he can count on. Who killed other bar owner. Why are their betting chips found at all the crime scenes.

It holds your attention. I did not realize how many people had lost their lives on Galveston during the hurricane in the 1900's.

I have read two of the three books of the series now and like them both.

I was given Gold-Diggers, Gamblers and Guns so I could read and give them honest review and be part of its blog tour. All opinions are mine.

Check out the special excerpt from Gamblers, Gold-Diggers and Guns:

At the Rusty Bucket, I followed close behind, pretending I was a real crime reporter, looking straight ahead so the police and newshounds wouldn’t try to shut me out.

Sure enough, a couple of cops tried to block my way but I simply replied, “I’m with the Gazette,” as if that explained everything. When we entered the bar, I noticed obvious signs of a struggle: tables and chairs knocked over, broken glasses, papers strewn about. Right by the front door, in all its gleaming glory, sat a brand-new nickel slot machine, a one-armed bandit displaying diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and a cracked Liberty bell.

A huddle of newshawks stared at the floor and I could see the figure of a man, lying by the new machine, arms at odd angles, but I was too far away to determine his cause of death.

“Coming through,” Nathan said, forcing his way into the circle . Edging closer, I could barely make out the victim’s face—a plain man in his mid-forties, sandy hair, freckled skin.

As I changed positions, I saw a huge gaping hole in his skull, hair caked with blood and bone. My stomach lurched and I covered my mouth with both hands, trying not to upchuck.

By the man’s side lay a bloodied baseball bat—the weapon of choice for thugs and cowards and enforcers who liked to use threats and intimidation to make their point. Why would the killers leave the bloody baseball bat in plain sight, next to the victim?

Across the room, Mack stared at me, stone-faced, with an “I told you so” glare. Feeling dizzy, I made my way across the room and sat down at a small table by the piano. No one seemed to notice as I went behind the counter, searching the ice-box for water. I gulped it down, then pressed the frosty glass against my perspiring face, enjoying the cool sensation.

Still shaky, I sat down at the table, observing the crime scene from a safe distance: the reporters taking notes, badgering the sheriff for information, an M.E. squatting by the body, taking samples of hair and blood. That’s when I saw it, half-hidden under the player piano bench: An almost-new Stetson, slightly scuffed, with a clean bullet hole in the crown.

Was I hallucinating or was that Agent Burton’s Stetson under the player piano? And what in hell was it doing at this murder scene?

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